A photo of the Sports & Recreation Center at sunset.

The Week in Photos: Preparing for a Return to Campus

July 30, 2020

COVID-19 has affected campus in so many ways, but our essential workers––from Facilities to WPI Police to Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)––have been on site, working to support the safety of our staff, faculty, and returning students.


Lead electrician Ted McCarty (L) and master electrician Jamie Donahue (R) have been on task throughout all the WPI buildings, making sure everything is in working order for the A-Term return.


EHS safety technician Victoria Proulx has been thoroughly checking the labs around campus in preparation for the start of classes.


Custodians Andrew Slowaski (R) and Jon Festa (L) have been through each residential hall room, cleaning and disinfecting to the highest standards.


Custodian Jon Festa has been sanitizing all bathrooms and public areas throughout the WPI residence halls.


Custodian Mary Ann Carlos has been working on campus all summer, prepping for the return to campus this fall.


(L-R) Traffic enforcement officer Jane Chartrand, Officer Robert Vandal, and Sergeant Christopher Carpenter have been hard at work throughout the COVID-19 campus shutdown.