Outside Scholarships

Please note: this information refers to reporting outside scholarships only, not PLUS, Private Loans or 529 plans.  For Veterans Affairs funding questions please see our Student Policies page.

Many students receive outside sources of funding (including Veterans Educational Benefits) to support their college expenses. It is important to notify the WPI Office of Financial Aid if any scholarship funding of this type is received using the Outside Scholarship Reporting Form.

All Outside Scholarships must be reported.  Advance Credit for Outside Scholarships Only given if:

  1. The check will be made out to WPI (or WPI and Student) After we receive necessary documentation (such as a letter from the scholarship source) stating that the check will be made payable to WPI
  2. The award does not require submission of grades before payment 
  3. The award does not require completion of semester

If the scholarship check does not arrive by the end of September, we will reverse the credit, and you will be responsible to pay the balance due.

Outside scholarship checks should be mailed to:

WPI Bursar's Office

100 Institute Road

Worcester, MA 01609

If the donor requests verification of enrollment, please submit a written request to:

WPI Office of the Registrar

100 Institute Road

Worcester, MA 01609

Federal regulations require we take outside scholarships into consideration when a student’s eligibility is determined. If a student’s financial aid award must be adjusted due to the receipt of outside scholarships, then the financial aid award will change in the following order:

  1. Replace any unmet need (i.e. no component of current financial aid award will be reduced).
  2. Student employment (Federal Work Study and/or Community Service Work Study) will be reduced or eliminated.
  3. WPI Institute loans will be reduced or eliminated.
  4. Federal Direct Subsidized loan will be reduced or completely converted to a Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan.
  5. WPI (need based) Scholarship/Grant.
  6. WPI merit-based funding.


Due to funding and allocation amounts, certain loans and Federal Work Study/Community Service Work Study may be put in reversed order.


Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 2nd Floor
Phone: 508-831-5203
Fax: 508-831-5064

You will receive a revised financial aid award listing your outside scholarships and any adjustments to your existing financial aid award. If the outside scholarship donor sends the full amount of the scholarship, the WPI Bursar’s Office will apply the full amount to that semester.

Please list your outside scholarships on the Outside Scholarship Reporting Form. If you are notified of additional scholarships/grants after submitting this worksheet, please contact the WPI Office of Student Aid. If you are not receiving any outside scholarships, there is no need to complete this form.