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Financial Agreement

Please click the box below to read the WPI Financial Agreement. This language is part of the student check in process, all students must check in and agree to the terms and conditions each semester of enrollment.

Tuition & Fees: Tuition and fees for undergraduate and graduate students are set by the Board of Trustees annually. All fees are mandatory. A student that may be studying away on project for a term will be charged as a full time student including all mandatory fees.

Electronic Billing: WPI produces electronic bills (eBill) to all students. We do not provide paper bills however, a student may print a paper copy from the eBill site.

Cash in Person: Cash payments may be made in the Bursar’s office in person, although online payments are recommended. WPI is required by the IRS to report any cash payments over a 12 month period that are received in the amount of $10,000.00 or greater via the IRS form 8300. Please have identification with you including your government issued ID – i.e. Passport, Driver’s License and SSN (if applicable).  For specific information on this regulation, please visit the IRS site. Please never mail cash.  

Billing & Registration Due Dates: WPI sends eBills twice a year, for the fall and spring semesters. Fall bills are emailed to the student’s WPI email address in July and are due in August. Spring bills are emailed in December and are due in January. WPI does not bill per term within the semester i.e., A, B, C, D. If you register within one week prior to the bill due date you are required to pay at the time you register or by the due date on any eBill statement you receive. Any registration within the semester i.e., A, B, C, D, or late registration for course(s) payment is due at the time of registration. 

Non-matriculated students (not enrolled in a WPI degree program) are required to pay at the time of registration for all semesters. Failure to pay will result in the student being dropped from any course(s) within 48 hoursAdditionally, no third party letter(s) of credit are accepted for non-matriculated students, the student must pay for the course(s)  and be reimbursed. There is no payment plan available for non-matriculated students. Students that are administratively withdrawn due to failure to pay within the required time are subject to an Administrative Reinstatement Fee.

For E-Term(Summer) if a WPI matriculated student registers prior to a week before the first day of class they will receive an eBill. E-Term typically has two due dates, an E1 due date and an E2 & projects. If a student registers within one week before or after the start of the E-Term session, payment is due at the time of registration. 

For Graduate Students living on campus you will not receive a bill for rent. Rent is due the first (1st) of the month. Any rent payment not received is subject to a hold being placed on the account and a late fee.

Graduate students eligible for tuition reduction through discount/scholarship will receive only one discount/scholarship.  The greatest tuition reduction available to them will be applied.

Financial Agreement: All students must read and accept the terms and conditions of the Financial Agreement each semester of enrollment. Agreement is done through the check-in process. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions within this agreement.

Holds: A hold may be placed on a student account at the discretion of the Bursar's Office at any time in the event that a balance becomes due or is outstanding. Possible reasons a hold may be applied, but not limited to are: TMS delinquency, Financial Aid changes, late registration for a course, pending scholarship or aid removed, account balance is short.

Late Fees: Late fees up to $250.00 per semester may be applied to a student account in the event that the bill is not paid by a specified due date, the account remains outstanding, or a balance becomes due.

Email Communication: The Bursar’s Office will communicate via email regarding many important matters, including sending any and all eBills. Communications will be emailed to the student’s WPI email address only. It is the student’s responsibility to check the delegated WPI email (including junk mail) for important email messages and reminders from our office.

Credit Card Payments: WPI does not accept credit cards over the phone, or in person in the Bursar’s Office for any balance due on a student account.

International Letters: International students may request a sealed, signed letter indicating the cost of attendance for the semester they plan to study, for an embassy, sponsor, or other entity. Letters are standardized and no variations will be made. The letter shall include the student’s tuition, fees, room and board, or the standard cost of attendance from the Financial Aid website. If the student has any Financial Aid (scholarships, grants) these will be included on the letter. Letters need to be requested by the student from the Bursar’s Office, and we will attempt to have the letter available with the signature of the Bursar or delegate within 48 hours.

International Payments: Payments will be made through Flywire, our payment processor. WPI will not refund any credit balance from a wire payment(s) received by WPI through Flywire or directly to our bank, excess funds will be held for a future term, used for the purchase of a voluntary meal plan and or Goat Bucks or returned to the originator. If the student is not a current student and is not registered for any credits currently, or for a future term, funds will be returned to the originating bank account. WPI will also not refund wires that exceed the number of terms a student attends WPI, any late wires (after the student has graduated or departed WPI), all wires will be returned to the originating bank.

Refunds: Students must request a refund each semester from the Bursar’s Office using the online submission form. No refunds will be released prior to the end of the add/drop in a semester.

Refunds will be issued in the full amount available on the account; no partial refunds will be issued.

Refunds will be held for 14 days and will be mailed to the home address on file.

Students using the monthly payment plan (TMS) or with a pending credit from an outside agency including the VA are not eligible for refunds until all funds are received by WPI.

Students with federal financial aid are required to have a refund issued. If you wish us to hold these funds, you must inform us in writing, and you may email All federal funds may be held until the end of the award year and then must be refunded to the student. Any Parent PLUS loan will be refunded to the parent unless the parent has indicated on their PLUS loan application to refund the student. 

WPI reserves the right to hold a refund if the student is not registered for sufficient credits, or if the student is in an overload status (over 21 credits).

WPI will not refund any credit balance from a wire payment(s) received by WPI through Flywire or directly to our bank, excess funds will be held for a future term, used for the purchase of a voluntary meal plan and or Goat Bucks or returned to the originator. If the student is not a current student and is not registered for any credits currently or for a future term, funds will be returned to the originating bank account. WPI will also not refund wires that exceed the number of terms a student attends WPI, any late wires (after the student has graduated or departed WPI), all wires will be returned to the originating bank.

No refund will be processed for less than $10.00 unless requested with an accurate mailing address. 

Refund checks may be held in the office or mailed to the home address. Refunds may not be picked up by anyone other than the student.

Meal Plan Changes: Meal plan changes may be submitted through the Bursar’s Office website and are not guaranteed. Changes may only be made prior to the start of a semester and during the first two weeks. All residential meal plans are nonrefundable; meals and points are forfeited at the end of each term. Certain resident halls require students to select a residential meal plan, and they are not able to remove the meal plan. Commuter meal plans may be purchased at any time during the year.

Outside Scholarships/Third Party Financial Support (Matriculated Students Only): WPI will extend a credit to the student account when information is sent and approved by the Bursar's Office. Credit is based upon the information received and is subject to interpretation by the Bursar’s Office. Financial Support letters where payment is contingent on a grade or will not be paid until the end of a semester are not accepted; the student must pay for the class(es) and be reimbursed by the agency. WPI in some instances will bill the agency if requested. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all funds are received by WPI. Additionally, a student will be responsible for any balance due on the student account in the event that the scholarship is rescinded or the funds are not received by WPI. The student is the responsible party for any and all charges associated with the student account. In the event that the scholarship or funds are not received, the credit will be removed from the student account and payment will be due immediately. The Bursar's Office reserves the right to place a hold on the student account as well as refuse future support letters and or scholarship awards. Students with a pending scholarship credit are not eligible for a refund. Financial Guarantee/Support letters are not accepted for non-matriculated students.

Veterans Benefits: WPI will grant a credit towards a semester bill to students awaiting funds to be disbursed to WPI through Veteran’s Affairs (VA). An estimated amount will be used in determining the balance due if a balance due results from the estimate the payment will need to be paid by the due date for the semester. If no balance is due with the expected amount an extension of the due date will be granted. Once funds are received from the VA and the student account is reviewed, the student will be responsible to pay any balance due immediately, or by the due date specified on an eBill statement. Due to the complexity of estimating the funds to be received from the VA, WPI will always estimate this amount and will not guarantee any amount that we expect from the VA. No refunds will be issued with a pending credit on a student account until all funds have been received and disbursed to the student account and a credit is available. WPI fully supports the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 was passed on 12/31/18. Sec. 103 amends US code to prevent schools from penalizing Ch. 31 or 33 students if/when the VA is late making payments. WPI policy supports and agrees to the VA recommendations of the following, while waiting for VA payments: WPI agrees to not prevent enrollment, charge a late penalty fee, require alternative or additional sources of funding or deny access to school resources. For details on the certification process and more information regarding the process, please visit the Registrar’s Office Veterans Affairs  page.

ROTC Scholarship Awards: WPI will extend a credit to students awarded an ROTC scholarship based on information received by the Bursar’s Office. If the student becomes ineligible at any point in the semester, their award will be removed and payment for any balance due to WPI will become due immediately. The student may be subject to holds and late fees. The student is responsible for verifying their eligibility and ensuring they have completed all requirements with the ROTC Command Office.

Financial Aid: WPI will use accepted and approved financial aid as credit toward your account/bill. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all requirements are met through the Financial Aid office. In the event that the aid is canceled, changed, declined, or decreased, payment to WPI will be due immediately. All private loans must be certified and approved through the Financial Aid office to be used as credit. All aid received is posted to the student account.

Title IV Authorization: Title IV funds are federal student aid funds, such as Federal Direct Student Loans, Pell Grants, which are from federal student aid programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education. The U.S. Department of Education regulations only allow schools to use your Federal Student Aid to pay for current academic year institutional charges unless you have granted permission to apply these funds to non-institutional charges. You may be asked at the time of requesting a charge to be added to your student account for this authorization or in the event you are charged a non-institutional charge, such as a late fee, you may receive a request for authorization via email.

Rescind Federal Authorization: In compliance with Student Financial Agreement and Federal Title IV Authorization - I will provide the Bursar's Office in writing, my student ID, first and last name and written communication to rescind said agreement.  

TMS Payment Plan: WPI offers a monthly payment plan to matriculated WPI Students to assist in allowing payments to be made over several months, each monthly payment is due the 1st of each month. WPI will extend a memo credit towards the balance due based on the TMS Budget. WPI reserves the right to adjust a budget on behalf of a family, or cancel a payment plan if the plan becomes delinquent. WPI will automatically decrease a budget to reflect the accurate balance due on a student account. Additionally, if the account becomes delinquent any balance due must be made directly to WPI and the account may be placed on hold until the account has been cleared. Students are not eligible for a refund when a budget exceeds the balance due, the budget will be adjusted accordingly. TMS reserves the right to charge late, return or reinstatement fees to your account, which are not associated with the student account here at WPI.

Important: NO refunds are issued on a student account with a TMS Budget, WPI will decrease the budget accordingly. In the event that all TMS payments have been received by WPI and a credit balance is available due to a late disbursement of Financial Aid, a refund may be issued. TMS payments require a 10 business day waiting period before any refund is issued. WPI also reserves the right to hold any TMS credit balance for future terms.  

Withdrawals: Students are responsible to officially withdraw from WPI through the Registrar's Office, refunds will be calculated based on the withdrawal date per the WPI refund policy. In the event that a student fails to officially withdraw they will be responsible for any and all tuition, fees,  housing and meal plan charges, including any fines and or additional fees assessed. Never attending classes or "walking-away" will not absolve the student of these financial obligations.       

Goat Bucks: Requests for adding funds to a student ID card for Goat Bucks will be limited to $1,000.00 cumulatively; students may request additional funds to  be added, if available, when the balance on the ID card is below $1,000.00. Refunds for Goat Bucks will only be available when the student graduates or leaves WPI permanently. Refunds will only be processed for $10.00 or more if funds remain on the student ID, additionally, any credit from Goat Bucks may be used to offset any charge on the student account.

Return Payments ACH/Check Payments: Students that have two ACH/Check payments returned will be restricted from using these methods. The student will need to pay with a credit card (fee applies) or submit a bank/tellers check to WPI for future payments. Additionally, an return check fee will be posted to the student account at the current return check fee rate.

Graduating & Balance Due: Students graduating with a balance due on their student account will have any balance due offset by any GoatBucks remaining on the student ID, additionally the student's diploma will not be released until all amounts have been paid and have cleared the bank prior to the diploma being released. Students with a balance due will have a hold placed on their student account, which will also prohibit them from receiving a transcript. Students may participate in all graduation activities.