Healthy Herd

Members of WPI’s Division of Talent & Inclusion works with employees as the Healthy Herd to help them get and stay healthy in ways that make sense for them and that are enjoyable. 

Health and wellness have always been important to our community. More and more focus is being placed on achieving a work/life wellness balance. The purpose of the Healthy Herd is to offer a central location for resources on preventive care, exercise, stress management, nutrition, weight loss, and mental health. This group is composed of WPI folks working for WPI folks.

Want to be a part of the Healthy Herd working group? E-mail us to join our next meeting. We always welcome new members. 


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Location: Boynton Hall
Phone: 508-831-5470

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program, New Directions, offers lifestyle planning which includes help with new parent coaching, weight management, smoking cessation, and stress management at no cost to employees.

Share Your Ideas with Us

Do you have great health and wellness ideas you want to share with us? Or that you think we should share with everyone in the WPI community? Let us know your thoughts. Send us an email with your suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

Walking Toward Wellness

What if there was something you did every day that improved your mood, helped you sleep, aided focus, and actually slowed potential mental decline? You’d try more of it, wouldn’t you? Well, walking can do all that. In addition to these benefits, walking also allows you the opportunity to do some meditating.

Being mindful when you are walking (focusing on what you are seeing, thinking about how your feet feel when they touch the ground, thinking about breathing) can have benefits similar to traditional meditation. Focusing on the sensory feelings of the walk can take you away from negative thoughts and help you clear your head.

Commit to taking a walk at work every day. During inclement weather, consider taking a walk around your office or head over to the Sports & Recreation Center’s indoor track.