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University of Craiova

I taught at Emmanuel College for fourteen years before enrolling for my PhD at WPI. I intend to return to the academia and resume teaching computer science courses after my graduation. My research work focuses on Big Data mining, in particular time series similarity exploration and knowledge discovery. I am a person of two cultures, which allows me to understand each better and embrace the best of both. I value multicultural experiences and interdisciplinary approaches to education and research.


  • Best Poster Award ACM SAC 2016, Pisa, Italy
  • First place PhD level GRIE 2015 competition

Scholarly Work

Professor Neamtu has published extensively on Data Driven Materials Science, Brain Computer Interaction, and Data Series analytics, among others. Full list of publications in [SITE NAME]

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    Data Driven Materials Science: Stephen Price, Matthew Gleason, Bryer Sousa, Danielle Cote, Rodica Neamtu (2021). Automated and Refined Application of Convolutional Neural Network Modeling to Metallic Powder Particle Satellite Detection . In Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Journal (pp. 661-676) Publisher Springer International.

    Brain Computer Interaction: Alicia Howell-Munson, Christopher Micheck, Erin Solovey, Rodica Neamtu (2022). BrainEx: Interactive Visual Exploration and Discovery of Sequence Similarity in Brain Signals. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computer Systems (EICS PACM 2022). (

    Data Series Analytics: Neamtu, R., Ahsan, R., Nguyen, C. D. T., Lovering, C., Rundensteiner, E. A., & Sarkozy, G. (2020). A General Approach For Supporting Time Series Matching using Multiple-Warped Distances. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 34(4), 1516-1529. doi: 10.1109/TKDE.2020.2998002

    Applications for accessibility: Neamtu, R., Camara, A., Pereira, C., Ferreira R. (2019, Sept 2-6). Using Artificial Intelligence for Augmentative Alternative Communication for Children with Disabilities. [Conference paper]. In International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (INTERACT2019). (pp. 234-243) Paphos Cyprus.