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+1 (508) 8315000 x5266
B.S Christian Albert Universität, Kiel, Germany 1988
M.S University of New Mexico 1991
Ph.D University of Hawaii, Manoa 2004

I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses, as well as advise PhD projects, IQPs and MQPs. I enjoy teaching because it's a dynamic and innovative process that challenges me to continually evaluate and adjust my teaching strategies to prepare my students for today’s global and competitive business environment. Teaching is also one the most rewarding experiences in my career because it allows me to witness my students' growth and accomplishments.

Similarly, research is a dynamic and innovative process, and I truly enjoy it. My research focuses on the use and impact of technology in organizations. I use subjective measures (e.g., surveys), objective measures (e.g., performance on a task), and physiological measures (e.g., heart-rate variability, eye-tracking) to study how people use a technology and thus gain insight into designing more effective and successful systems. The research I do can be categorized into two areas: Decision Science and User Experience. In one, I study factors that can influence the effectiveness of systems used for organizational decision making. In the other, I investigate factors that play a critical role in user experience.

My research in each area has important contributions for theory and practice. It extends a number of influential theories, such as the Technology Acceptance Model and Behavioral Decision Making. And it informs the design of systems and thus improves their effective usage. My work also provides managers with insight for improving their employees’ effective use of computerized decision aids and, consequently, the return on their IT investments.

Improving Technology by Studying the User Experience

Scholarly Work

Detecting task demand via an eye tracking machine learning system 2019

Identifying Fixations in Gaze Data via Inner Density and Optimization 2019

Measuring Focused Attention Using Fixation Inner-Density 2018

Information systems and task demand: an exploratory pupillometry study of computerized decision making 2017

Affect and Acceptance: Examining the Effects of Positive Mood on the Technology Acceptance Model 2010

Online Viewing and Aesthetic Preferences of Generation Y and Baby Boomers: Testing User Website Experience through Eye Tracking 2011

Worcester Business Journal
WPI receives $3M to study human-robot workplace interaction

The Worcester Business Journal reported on WPI receiving $3 million from the National Science Foundation to study human-robot interaction in the workplace. Eight WPI researchers are involved: Cagdas Onal (principal investigator), Yunus Telliel, Jeanine Skorinko, Winston Soboyejo, Jing Xiao, Pratap Rao, Soussan Djamasbi and Jane Li