Mission and Vision

The mission of the Center for Global Public Safety (CGPS) is to engage in research, education, strategic alliances and outreach activities that make the world a safer place.  Our initial focuses are in the areas of Fire Protection, Emergency Response, Water Security, Smart Transportation Technologies, and Innovations in Energy.

Driven by a vision to develop local/global solutions to challenges in these areas, our demand-driven center activities engage people in partnerships that use world-class research and innovation to solve real world problems.  We collaborate with industry, government, and academic partners to solve demand-driven problems that make the world a safer place.



With university and industry partnerships, CGPS brings an innovative approach to global public safety concerns.

Researchers examine real-world challenges and develop strategies to address disaster risk, emergency response, disaster management and community resilience.

Newly launched interdisciplinary seed grant projects focus on key areas such as Fire Protection Engineering; Water Security; First Responder Technologies; Advancements in Smart Transportation Technology and Innovations in Energy.



Training, certificate and degreed programs from WPI and other partner institutions allow students greater potential to gain expertise in areas of global public safety.  Partnerships with universities worldwide give students the opportunity to study with affiliated institutions and participate in student exchange programs. 

With a strong tradition of project-based learning, WPI offers its students an opportunity to do Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQP) and  Major Qualifying Projects (MQP), giving students a global perspective on problem-solving.



CGPS provides outreach to the wider community by bringing together stakeholders from industry, government, NGO’s, and academia for forums and symposiums to explore new innovative possibilities for smart and safe communities worldwide.  Events include the Industry Stakeholders' Forum and Annual Symposium.



The Center for Global Public Safety depends on strategic alliances with industry partners and philanthropic supporters.

These partners have demonstrated a commitment to the success of the Center and a vested interest in creating a more safe, secure world for future generations.