CGPS Seed Grants

At the heart of the research effort at the Center for Global Public Safety are seed grant projects geared toward inter-disciplinary collaboration and innovative approaches to addressing safety concerns on a local and global scale. 

By definition, seed grants are small investments to support faculty research teams as they flesh out ideas for viability and look for additional sustainable funding sources.

Where do I park?

Parking is available in our parking garage located at 151 Salisbury St. (Campus map.) The parking garage is adjacent to the Sports and Recreation Center.

More details will be sent a few days before the event to the registered email address.

Will I have Internet access?

Yes, on-campus wireless will be available for all our guests. This information will be located in your program booklet given to you upon your arrival.

About Personal Interviews
  • Interviews are optional. An interview is in no way required for admission to WPI.
  • Should you choose to apply to WPI, your interview will become part of your application file, as the notes taken by the interviewers will be shared with the Admissions Committee.
  • We strongly recommend interviews for home-schooled students. We are unable to offer interviews with transfer candidates.
  • Interviews are intended for students only. Time is set aside at the end of an interview for family members to join the conversation with questions.
WPI On Demand

Check out the WPI Admissions YouTube page to view all of our pre-recorded on-demand content. Along with videos about the WPI plan and student life, you may also access recordings of information sessions from most of our academic departments.

New Battery Center to Move Industry Forward

WPI is developing a battery center that will not only train students but will help industry develop technologies needed to take on key issues with battery technology, like safety issues, energy and power density, as well as life cycle. Batteries are critical pieces of increasingly ubiquitous technologies, such as smartphones, tablets, and hybrid and electric vehicles. Renewable energy also is dependent on batteries. And although battery performance has improved in recent years, and many mid-size and start-up companies in Massachusetts and beyond are working on solving battery problems, they need help. The effort at WPI will be the first battery center in Massachusetts.

Scheduling an Interview
  • Dates and locations for Fall 2019 are available in the next section below.
  • Interviews are for seniors only.
  • Students interested in interviewing will be granted only one interview, whether on- or off-campus.
  • Appointments are limited, so click the link for the city in the section below and book as soon as possible.
Europe and the Middle East
Egypt Cairo Wednesday, October 2 Julie Loveless
Georgia Tbilisi Monday, September 23 Julie Loveless
Greece Athens Monday, September 30 Julie Loveless
Spain Madrid Monday, November 18 Vera Grek
Turkey Istanbul Sunday, October 6 Julie Loveless
United Arab Emirates Dubai Saturday, October 12 Julie Loveless
Custodial Services

Custodial services are provided on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, in every facility. Students are responsible for picking up after themselves. Our Custodial staff are responsible for cleaning the picked up common spaces, providing minor, routine maintenance (replacing light bulbs, toilet paper, etc.), emptying trash, and inspecting and maintaining each building.

Custodians do not clean individual student rooms and students are responsible for placing their trash and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles. Your building custodians work hard for you and WPI. Please respect what they do and make the effort to get to know them.

Cars & Parking

Parking is maintained by WPI Campus Police; please visit their website for information on obtaining a parking pass.