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"Education": It's in our name and it's at the core of our mission. Thus, students - ALL students - are at the heart of LEAP @ WPI/QCC as well. The field of integrated photonics is unbelievably interdisciplinary, which means there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Even if photonics "isn't your major." Research in any capacity and in any major is highly rewarding and something that students should get involved in as soon as possible. To learn more about how to get involved NOW, explore the links, quotes, and FAQ sections below!

Undergraduate Involvement: Frequently Asked Questions

Paris Fletcher Distinguished Professor of Humanities (2012-2019)

There are many reasons to get involved in research at LEAP! Involvement allows you to:

  • Bridge the gap between the theory taught at WPI and the technical skills necessary in industry
  • Gain research experience that can prepare you for a more meaningful MQP
  • Learn skills that will bolster your resume and future applications
  • Network with Industry Affiliates and faculty from the larger LEAP network
What majors are able to participate in LEAP research?

ALL majors are welcome to reach out to professors at LEAP to see if there is an opportunity to get involved. From optical spectroscopy to material analysis to mathematical modeling, there is something for everyone at LEAP!


When can I get involved in LEAP?

Today! While most labs are comprised of graduate students, you can get involved in LEAP as early as your first year at WPI. You can even do your MQP in a LEAP lab!

It is important to note that some labs do prefer to take on students after their first year. However, this shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to professors today!


What is the best way to get involved in LEAP?

There are several ways to get involved in LEAP:

  • Reach out to professors at LEAP to express your interest in their research.
  • Shadow a graduate student at LEAP to learn how a specific lab group operates and ask questions.
  • Join student clubs related to LEAP to network with other students. These clubs include the:
    • Optical Society of America (OSA)
    • Society of Physics Students (SPS)
How can I learn about the research taking place at LEAP?

Visit the Meet the Team page to view the profiles of the core LEAP faculty member. Many faculty profiles feature links to their personal lab websites, which have even more information about their research at LEAP.

Interested in LEAP? Take Initiative and Get Involved.

Yuxiang (Shawn) Liu
If you see an opportunity, you have to speak up. You have to take initiative to talk to people... So if you want to get involved in research, you should talk to professors.
  • Yuxiang (Shawn) Liu
  • Core LEAP Faculty Member

Start Networking Today: Student Chapters Related to LEAP

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The WPI Chapter of the Society of Physics Students strives to unite all students who are interested in physics, regardless of their major. Members of SPS are routinely presented with opportunities to explore their research and career interests. This includes networking with other students and professors who are passionate about physics and its applications. Student members can also expect to tour research labs on campus and participate in experiment and equipment demonstrations.

Optical Society of America (OSA)

The WPI Chapter Optical Society of America (OSA) strives to unites the WPI community through events, lectures, and discussions regarding optics and their applications. The WPI OSA also serves as an outlet for the WPI community to foster leadership skills, develop technical knowledge, and network with mentors and peers.