The healthcare development facility comprises point-of-practice clinical care suites, including a fully instrumented living space, state-of-the-art motion capture lab, 2-bed modular patient care suite, MRI imaging center, and a fully functional operating room co-located with advanced manufacturing capabilities, including a wide array of 3D printing, CNC manufacturing, and electronics assembly equipment and test capabilities.


MRI Imaging Suite

MRI imaging center: Allows for real-time evaluation of functional MRI and MRI-compatible robot performance inside an MRI bore and examination of image-guided therapies in phantom studies... 

  • GE SIGNA Premier 3.0T MRI scanner 
  • Advanced fMRI capabilities through NordicNeuroLab and BrainWave imaging package and 48-channel Head Coil 

Patient Clinical Care Suites

Healthcare advancements: Offers various technologies where users can test and train on the integration of new devices in a true-to-scale environment...

Operating Room Suite: 

  • Hybrid imaging operating room with C-arm fluoroscope and CT reconstruction 
  • Motion capture room capabilities available 
  • Powered reconfigurable OR table 
  • Standard OR medical gas (N2, O2, compressed air, vacuum, WAG) 
  • Boom mounted OR lights and video display and recording system 
  • Minimally invasive surgery instrumentation including: Stryker & Olympus rigid and flexible endoscopy systems, insufflation, light sources, and electrocautery

  • Flexibly configurable research version Intuitive daVinici surgical robot (dVRK)

  • Multi-camera closed circuit video monitoring and recording

ICU/NICU Suite: 

  • Patient monitoring, beds, and lifts 
  • Configurable to simulate any office setting 

Home Health Suite 

Cyber physical systems: Enables the development/testing of exoskeletons, prosthetics, and rehabilitative robots and devices related to healthcare IoT, assistive and home care, aging in place, sleep, and telehealth...

  • Ceiling gantry for subject safety and support 
  • Instrumented residential setting for testing of smart home technologies 
  • Motion capture capabilities 
  • Auditory – RF Shielded Acoustic Chamber 

Motion Capture Suite

Motion tracking: High-end motion capture facility, allowing users to prototype new technologies and analyze the effect on gait and full-body motion...

  • 10 Camera VICON Vantage motion capture system with Lock+ 64-channel ADC 
  • VICON Vue for color video overlay 
  • Gait analysis track with two integrated AMTI OPT400600 force plates 
  • Delsys Trigno Wireless system with 8 Avanti EMG sensors containing integrated IMU, Bluetooth compatibility, and SDK/ API support 
  • Configurable exercise equipment and obstacles to include doors and stairs 
  • Ability to connect to external ultrasounds and accelerometers 

Neurotech Suite

Brain function testing: Fully equipped with a host of imaging and user experience equipment enabling researchers to conduct a broad range of multimodal translational studies, from cross validation experiments to clinical trials...

  • GE Premier Signa 3T MRI Scanner capable of task-based functional MRI 
  • NIRX Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Imaging System (MRI Compatible) 
  • Eye-tracking System 
  • VivePro Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems 
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) 
  • Radio Frequency Shielded Acoustic Chamber 

Confidential Offices and Conference Spaces

Collaboration areas and dedicated corporate pods are also available to provide convenient working spaces for on-site talent and innovations... 

  • Ability to house product at facility, eliminating potential transportation damage 
  • Co-locate R&D in one facility 
  • MA company address for dedicated branded office space users 
  • Complete office functionality, floor equipped with all needed office equipment 

Manufacturing and Testing Instrumentation

On-site mechanical and electrical fabrication facilities so that users can iterate designs quickly and efficiently... 

  • Markforged Metal X, Markforged Mark Two, and Formlabs Form 2 printers for prototyping plastic, metal, and fiber-reinforced parts 
  • Mechanical fabrication and prototyping with Haas CNC mill, lathe, ProtoMAX small format waterjet cutter, and Universal Laser PLS6.150D 150W laser cutter 
  • Mixed signal oscilloscopes, function generators, and spectrum analyzers 
  • General purpose soldering stations and Nano Rework station 
  • Circuit board assembly with BGA rework system, and reflow oven 
  • RF electronics 
  • Acoustic/vibration/EMI chamber capabilities