MRI Suite

What is an MRI suite and why is it important for healthcare researchers? 

A functional MRI suite contains a magnetic resonance imaging machine for acquiring high-resolution images of the human body. MRI imaging uses strong and fast switching magnetic fields to generate signals from the hydrogen atoms in the human body, which can be reconstructed into 2D or 3D image sets. Healthcare researchers use the MRI for MR conditional labeling of new implants, testing MR conditional devices, research in neuroscience, and developing methods of surgical navigation based on pre-operative or intraoperative imaging.  

How much does it cost to rent an MRI? 

The cost of renting a functional MRI scanner varies depending on the type of scanner, where it’s located, who’s running it, and what accessories are being used. Renting is typically billed hourly, at rates ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars per hour.  

Can you rent an MRI machine for research in Massachusetts?  

The MRI facility at PracticePoint is available exclusively for research use. It can be accessed at competitive hourly rates by WPI faculty, external partners, and PracticePoint member companies. The pricing is highly affordable for academic teams, as well. To learn more about MRI machine rentals, click here or email 

What sort of research is done inside an MRI?

MRI machines are commonly used for research involving neuroscience fMRI, developing new pulse sequences, testing MR conditional devices, and surgical navigation using intraoperative MR or image fusion. Learn more about the possibilities of using a functional MRI at WPI's PracticePoint by connecting with the team at