Abdah St. Fleur
Dual MS, Production Management (IMGD) and MSIUX


The Dorchester resident and self-described proud Haitian is currently working on her graduate thesis. The focus: Helping WPI’s Interactive Media and Game Development department create a nonprofit studio enabling students to gain professional studio experience while being encouraged to develop their own games. 

“Students will learn how to work with clients and experience the complete production pipeline,” says Abdah, who is expected to earn dual master’s degrees in production management (IMGD) and MSIUX in summer 2021.

Having earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in interactive media and game development in 2019, Abdah names Assistant Teaching Professor Farley James Chery as her mentor. 

“He was dedicated to making sure I was successful in the game industry,” she says. “Whenever I feel at a loss in my career, he is always there to provide guidance.”

Professor Jennifer deWinter has been especially influential, as well. She has always made Abdah feel respected, empowered, and supported, she says. She points out that it’s no secret that the gaming industry has a reputation for lack of diversity—but professor deWinter understands the struggles Black women face in America, and knows that a Black woman can make it in the game industry. 

“She is always there to protect me,” Abdah says. 

That focus on diversity has been essential throughout her WPI experience. 

“WPI’s project-based curriculum has taught me how to work with different types of people: students with disabilities, people from different cultures and with different personalities,” Abdah says. 

She adds that prospective WPI students should keep an open mind and always try new things—because “people at WPI will always support you.”

And that goes long beyond the college experience, as well. 

“WPI graduates understand what it is to support one another,” Abdah says, “even when we are in different majors.” 

Favorite authors: 

Riley Sager; Katherine Center; B. A. Paris 


Social Committee (SocComm)

Graduate Student Government

Favorite things about WPI: 

The size of the campus

The “nice and supporting” community

The Interactive Media and Game Development program

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Dorchester (and she intends to stay in New England)
Dorchester (and she intends to stay in New England)