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Evans Owusu '24

BS, Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development

One of Evans’s favorite things? Learning about others and the world. “I like hearing about other people’s lives and how different they can be,” they explain. They have already had plenty of chances to do just that in their first year at WPI, from their group’s GPS project on Hong Kong and its environment to the future opportunities they’ll have to explore different locations and cultures through their IQP and MQP.

While that may be one of their favorite things, they don’t consider having a favorite part of WPI—instead, there are many different parts of the campus community that appeal to them, “from the swinging chairs in Higgins House Garden to the structure of an academic year.” 

Though they're still a freshman, Evans already has an idea of their future after graduation: working for a software or game design company, or even focusing on web design. “The future is unknown,” they say, “so I’d like to take my time setting up possible paths that sound like fun for me later.”

Evans O. headshot

Worcester, MA

Faculty Mentor

Tiffiny Butler, former director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and biomedical engineering teaching professor, and the rest of the CoMPASS Scholarship staff

  • Member of the International Game Developer Association
  • Member of art and design clubs
  • Getting an A in Object-Oriented Programming, which helped solidify his interest in computer science
  • Video games
  • Drawing
  • Running/exercise
  • Hiking

I wake up and if I don’t have any classes, give myself two hours of leisure time to do nothing but give my mind a breather.


I plan out a daily list of what I’d like to achieve in and out of class, from upcoming assignments to watching a movie or visiting friends.


I attend my classes and any club meetings for the day.


After classes are over for the day, I relax with a walk or spend some time drawing or playing video games.

Go to WPI if you like a smaller campus life with a lot of dedicated people. It has a lot to offer for anyone willing to explore various parts of the STEM world.
WPI really helps make people more aware of their global setting as one big community.
WPI is a type of setting that helps push people in a meaningful way. There are plenty of chances for everyone to get their hands dirty and still broaden their views.