MIEA Intro to Mindfulness



Open your mind. Manage your stress. 
Learn mindfulness and meditation.

Mindfulness Institute for Emerging Adults (MIEA) is an evidence-based mindfulness curriculum* designed for college-aged adults and appropriate for all. MIEA’s randomized, controlled trial shows results:

  •  Students reported feeling more calm
  •  Students improved their mindfulness
  •  Students felt more rested
  •  Students had greater self-compassion

In this multi-week format, students learn practical skills that help them manage stress and open their minds.

WPI is excited to be part of the MIEA community of >10,000 students at over 100 institutions. To learn more about MIEA, click here


Undergraduate students can complete MIEA Intro to Mindfulness for WPE Credit 
by registering for WPE 1611 Koru Mindfulness Meditation

Course Description:

Mindfulness Institute for Emerging Adults (MIEA) is an evidence-based mindfulness curriculum designed for college-aged adults. During this course, you will learn useful, practical tools to help manage your stress and increase self-compassion. Students will practice a variety of meditation skills, engage with the MIEA Mobile App, read the companion book, and participate in class discussion. The course is offered each term.

Instructors: Paula Fitzpatrick, Robin Benoit, and Diana Fiorentino 

MIEA Intro to Mindfulness is also offered as a 4-week program 
to graduate students, faculty and staff. 




*Greeson, J.M., Juberg, M., Maytan, M., James, K., & Rogers, H. (2014). Journal of American College Health.