Koru Mindfulness Meditation

Koru Mindfullness

Open your mind. Manage your stress.  Learn mindfulness and meditation.

Koru Mindfulness is an evidence-based mindfulness curriculum* designed for college-aged adults and appropriate for all. Koru’s randomized, controlled trial shows results:

  •  Students reported feeling more calm
  •  Students improved their mindfulness
  •  Students felt more rested
  •  Students had greater self-compassion

In this multi-week format, students learn practical skills that help them manage stress and open their minds.

WPI is excited to be part of the Koru community of >10,000 students at over 100 institutions. To learn more about Koru, click here

Undergraduate students can complete Koru Mindfulness Meditation for PE Credit by registering for PE-1099 Healthy Alternatives: Koru Mindfulness Meditation.  The course is offered each term.

Course Description:

Koru Mindfulness is an evidence-based mindfulness curriculum designed for college-aged adults.  During this course, you will learn useful, practical tools to help manage your stress and increase self-compassion.  Students will practice a variety of meditation skills, engage with the Koru Mobile App, read the companion book, and participate in class discussion. 

Instructors: Paula Fitzpatrick, Robin Benoit, and Diana Fiorentino

Koru Mindfulness Meditation is also offered as a 4-week program to graduate students, faculty and staff. 

Upcoming Sessions:

Registration Here! 
*Graduate Students and Faculty/Staff only

In-person, A-Term
Center for Well-Being, Daniels Hall 102E, 
Mondays, 11:00AM to 12:15PM
September 11 to October 2

On-line, B-Term
Mondays, 11:00AM to 12:15PM
October 30 to November 27

* Greeson, J.M., Juberg, M., Maytan, M., James, K., & Rogers, H. (2014). Journal of American College Health.