Living Off Campus

The Housing & Residential Experience Center provides information to WPI students as a courtesy service.  WPI is not responsible for leases or other contracts between students and landlords or for the consequences of any off-campus student housing arrangement. WPI will not be involved in any negotiations between you (the leaseholder) and any landlord, property owner, student, prospective student or realtor before, during or after any agreement.  In addition, WPI does not endorse or sponsor, nor does it investigate or verify, any of the agencies, information, services, advertisements, properties, or landlords included in this website.

Please be advised that apartments are listed to rent for three or less individuals. (This limitation is not intended to restrict occupancy by more than three persons who are related family members.) The reason we are taking this approach is that the City of Worcester has been enforcing a "lodging house" ordinance that prohibits more than three unrelated people from living together. It has been the City of Worcester's position that if you have more than three unrelated people AND the land owner does not have a "lodging house" license (most do not have the license) you are living in an illegal apartment and subject to Worcester Code Enforcement action. The City has cited a number of area property owners and have issued cease and desist orders that require individuals to move out of cited apartments. 

WPI the Housing & Residential Experience Center does not endorse or support any specific landlord or rental agency. There are a variety of websites and posting areas where you can find off campus apartments for rent. 

For example:
Bulletin Boards at local businesses


Communicating with Your Landlord

Access samples of various documents that may come in handy when communicating with your landlord.


Living in Worcester

With an affordable cost of living, quality public schools, easy access to area transportation, and a wide variety of entertainment and activities, learn more about living in Worcester.

Important Notices

The following information was reported to WPI, therefore is being provided as a notice to be observant in your off-campus property.  Further notices will be added as needed.

  • Indra Energy Utility Scam:  A solicitor may come knocking on your door claiming to be from an electrical company, called Indra Energy, but may not tell you where they are from.  They may ask for a copy of your electric bill to "just lock in rates" for the next year and ask for a quick signature.  Be sure to ask questions and do not sign anything until you have investigated that it is in fact your electric company.
  • Please be aware of trash and recycling that is on the lawn and sidewalks around your property.  It is important to help keep the community clean by picking up any trash you find.  When putting out your trash and recycling, try to prevent anything from blowing away by placing heavy items on top.