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When you live off campus in a residential neighborhood, you have the responsibility to be a good neighbor. Your neighbors may be long term residents who work hard to maintain their homes and they will expect that you also respect the neighborhood and take care of your residence.  

As a student of WPI, your behavior is a reflection of our university and the relationship with the community. You are expected to abide by the WPI Code of Conduct at all times, even if you live in an apartment off campus. WPI works very hard to maintain a good relationship with its neighbors, and generally, our neighbors welcome students into their neighborhoods.


Be a Good Neighbor

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors who share the same building with you, as well as those who live adjacent to you. Share your phone number with them so that they can contact you if there is an issue. 
  • Be respectful of your neighbor’s property. 
  • Don’t trespass on your neighbor’s property (no short-cuts through their yard, don’t take anything from their property, and don’t use or block their driveway)
  • Be respectful of your neighbor’s pets.  If you have a pet, keep it off the neighbor’s property. Clean up after your pet when walking in the neighborhood.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Respect your neighbor’s right to peace and privacy.

Tips for Hosting Guests Off Campus

  • Know the noise ordinance laws-- your neighbors do!
  • Be considerate and tell your neighbors when you are having a party.
  • Keep your gathering under control, including loud noise/music.
  • Make sure your guests do not trespass on your neighbor’s property for any reason. 
  • Make sure your guests do not park on your neighbor’s yard or in their driveway.
  • Ask uninvited guests to leave and call local law enforcement if they refuse.
  • Clean up immediately after the gathering.
  • Do not throw trash in your neighbor’s yard or on the sidewalk/street. 
  • If alcohol is being served, you and your guests must be of legal drinking age.


  • Electric:  National Grid, 1-800- 322-3223    
  • Cable/Internet/Phone: Spectrum, 1-855-243-8892    
  • Trash/Recycling Removal:  City of Worcester DPW, 508-929- 1300

    ***Trash containers must be out on the curb between 6:00-7:30 am on your scheduled pick up day.  If your trash was put out late, and did not get picked up, you MUST remove the trash from the curbside and wait until the following week to put it out again. DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH OUTSIDE AFTER PICK UP DAY.  
  • Parking: Consult with your landlord about parking restrictions on the property.  Learn about city parking restrictions and winter parking bans online.   
  • SNAP: If you live within a one mile radius of campus, SNAP provides escort services to and from campus by calling 1- 508-831- 6111