Students will be billed the following fees by WPI for the WPI semester they are away, on the regular WPI billing cycle (i.e. Fall semester and Spring semester).

  • WPI Tuition and Fees
  • WPI Housing Fee (if applicable)
  • WPI Meal Plan (if applicable, reduced for term away)
  • Global Projects Program Housing and Program Fee (for applicable programs)

In addition to this, students should budget for the following while away:

  • Local transportation
  • Airfare (if applicable)
  • Food
  • Tourist activities and incidentals
  • Project related incidentals

A summary of estimated cost breakdowns for 19-20 programs can be found here: Summary of Costs 19-20. You may also visit eProjects for detailed cost information. Please note: these estimated expenses reflect the cost for the future year of travel. Current students will have a cost breakdown in their student handbook.

Estimated out-of pocket expenses: These are estimates for expenses like round trip airfare, groceries, dining out, incidentals, tourist expenses, and local transportation. A detailed list of these cost estimates can be found on each program’s brochure page. These costs do not appear on your WPI bill.

Estimated housing and program fees: These are estimates for housing expenses and any fees associated with cultural programming in which students are required to participate. These fees will appear on your WPI bill and are in addition to tuition and housing at WPI.  Program fees must be paid before departure.

Withdrawal Deadlines

The IGSD strives to make off-campus opportunities available for as many students as possible.  In an effort to fill all available spaces, we have set the following withdrawal deadlines for our programs.  Please notify the IGSD in writing by emailing to confirm your withdrawal.  


Please note: The GPP deposit is refundable up to the withdrawal deadline. After this deadline, the GPP deposit is non-refundable and students may be responsible for the full cost of the program as housing arrangements have already been made.  

E/A Term Programs B Term Programs C Term Programs D Term Programs
By Confirmation Deadline March 1, 2019 July 15, 2019 September 15, 2019