Financial Aid

Project center expenses, both billable and out-of-pocket, are the responsibility of the student and family. To cover this cost, students have the following options: 

  • Borrow under an auxiliary loan program.*  A historical list of borrowing options can be viewed here.

  • Apply a WPI awarded scholarship. For more details visit our Scholarship page. 

  • Apply an outside scholarship. For more details visit our Scholarship page.

While you are away at a project center, it is still your responsibility to file your financial aid forms for the upcoming academic year by their appropriate deadline dates.  The FAFSA will become available online on October 1st and the WPI Financial Aid Upper Class Application will become available online in December.  Both applications are typically due in D Term.


* Prior to applying for loan assistance for a summer term project center, you must also submit a WPI Summer Loan Application to the WPI Office of Financial Aid.