What You Need to Know

WPI employees (including faculty and staff) are obligated to report instances of sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator Jonathan StewartDean of Students Philip Clay, or to a deputy Title IX coordinator.

Confidential Resources

Confidential resources will provide support and discuss your reporting options. If you choose to file a report, they will refer you to the Dean of Students Office.

Student Development & Counseling Center 
Phone: 508-831-5540

Student Health Services
Phone: 508-831-5520

Collegiate Religious Center
Religious Advisors 

Pathways for Change Rape Crisis Center 
Phone: 800-870-5905

Confidential Resource Advisors - see full list at

Non-Confidential Resources

Non-confidential resources are required to report incidences of sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator. Reports will include your name and identifying information. Once a non-confidential resource is made aware of an incident, WPI is obligated to investigate and take steps to ensure the safety of the campus community.

Campus Police 
Phone: 508-831-5555

Dean of Students Office 
Phone: 508-831-5201

Human Resources 
Phone: 508-831-5470

Additional non-confidential resources include Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators and coaches, faculty, staff, and project advisors.