Innovation and entrepreneurship are infused into WPI’s courses, projects, research, activities, and programs. Students and faculty contribute to and benefit from our entrepreneurial culture, nurturing new ideas and a distinctly innovative approach. 

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A Selection of I&E Courses at WPI

Undergraduate Opportunities

WPI has both an entrepreneurship minor and a social entrepreneurship minor to complement any major from engineeringarts and sciences, or the Business School. But we also know not everyone wants to start a company, so we weave entrepreneurial mindset into our curriculum. You’ll learn why thinking like an entrepreneur will boost your career no matter what path you choose.

Graduate Opportunities

Throughout their research and coursework, graduate students hone their entrepreneurial thinking to find out about an idea's sustainability and funding potential. Some graduate programs offer a Graduate Qualifying Project (GQP) in which students work directly with industry partners to solve a real-world challenge within their field. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in campus-wide competitions and professional development opportunities to learn how to promote and present their research and their ideas. Throughout the community, WPI invests in programs and initiatives to help our students find new ways to create value. 


Students with great minds and great ideas often want to see if their ideas are commercially viable. They want to understand the process known as “pivot or proceed” to decide their next steps. We have faculty, alumni, and industry partners who help students navigate the complex path to commercial success.


WPI’s labs are open for collaboration, literally and figuratively, with multidisciplinary researchers working alongside each other. The environment allows for unexpected partnerships and opportunities that lead to incredible innovation.


WPI’s project-based curriculum includes the opportunity to work at internships where students gain real-world work experience. Whether you want to work in an established large company or a small start-up, WPI’s Career Development Center offers resources to find, prepare for, and succeed at various internships.


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