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Bringing Innovation to Life

Arts and sciences aren’t just ingrained in every part of life at WPI; they’re integral to it. With immersive programs and a collaborative environment that fuses arts and sciences, it’s also a celebration of the interdisciplinary nature of WPI as a whole. From digging deep into cellular biology to using robots to complement (or even create) music, and crafting the next big thing in gaming, you’ll have the chance to take that spark of inspiration through arts and science courses and run with it alongside expert faculty, supportive peers, and a community that’s ready to help you succeed.

So, why arts and sciences at WPI? Really, it’s easier if we just show you.

Arts & Sciences in Action

WPI: The Road Home

When the WPI community couldn't be together in person due to the pandemic, WPI's Chamber Choir brought them together virtually through a performance of “Prospect” from Southern Harmony.
students working with a robot
WPI students collaborate to create the next big thing in robotics.
arts and sciences week
Students and faculty explore virtual reality technology as part of the visual art design showcase and gallery walk during a past Arts & Sciences Week.
WPI student theatre production
WPI's student-run theatre groups let students pursue their passions for everything from writing to acting to set production and design.
students working in a lab
Completing groundbreaking research in state-of-the-art facilities with those who share your passion? Sign us up.
math student writing on the board
We're all about numbers here (Pi's in our name, after all).
person giving a presentation
Arts & Sciences Week features regular lightning talks by faculty and students on their research passions and expertise.
students working in a lab
Hands-on project work gives students the chance to gain skills and experiences that will prove invaluable after graduation.
Immersive Project Experiences

Non-intrusive mental health screening tools? Partial-hand prosthetics? A jazz history database that can be accessed by musicians around the world?  Arts & sciences students have done all that––and more––through WPI's hands-on, project-based education.


Collaborative Projects from Day One

Get your first taste of interdisciplinary project work at WPI through the Great Problems Seminar. Study how the arts and sciences intersect before creating solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, from climate change and livable cities to humanitarian engineering. Explore and tackle ideas from different angles before creating a solution as innovative as you are.


A More Well-Rounded Scientist, Designer, Mathematician, Self

Study how to develop single-use plastics in a throwaway culture, share yourself through 24 prose poems (one for each hour of the day), or explore the connection between nature and humankind, and learn to examine life—and the arts and sciences—through a lens that’s uniquely yours with WPI’s Humanities & Arts Requirement.


most popular Robotics Engineering program in the nation

College Factual (2021)

Computer Science major in the nation

College Factual (2021)

Game Design Programs (Undergraduate)

The Princeton Review (2019)
Top 25%

Physics major in the nation

College Factual (2021)
student presenting a project

Arts & Sciences Research

Creativity, imagination, and a willingness to explore—they’re all integral parts of research within the arts and sciences at WPI. With myriad labs, theatres, studios, and digital spaces (all staffed by renowned faculty), you’ll engage in groundbreaking, meaningful research from day one, where the question isn’t if, but when.

student giving a presentation

Arts & Sciences Week

Held twice a year, Arts & Sciences Week gives students, faculty, and staff the chance to showcase their talents, ideas, and passions as they combine arts and sciences. With everything from lightning talks and musical performances to gallery walks and interactive panel discussions, Arts & Sciences Week isn’t just a celebration of the present, but of what’s to come.

Students singing in concert

Life at WPI...

Choirs, bands, gaming groups, robotics competitions, theatre shows, honor societies—they’re all ways to expand upon your passion for arts and sciences outside the classroom. Take your pick of hundreds of student clubs and professional organizations to help you not only pursue your passion and share your talents, but have fun and meet new friends.

students talking

...and After

Graduating with an expertise in both arts and sciences offers an invaluable edge as you begin your professional career—just ask the Career Development Center. They’ve got details on career outlooks for your major, salary information, and companies who have hired past arts and sciences graduates. Your future’s your own to make, but one thing’s for sure: it’s looking bright.