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The benefits of the GQP project experience and the tremendous learning opportunities afforded through these projects on both professional and personal levels are priceless for the students. Beyond these benefits, our students secure amazing achievements and successes as part of their GQP experiences that range from filing a patent application as inventors (sponsor UTC), publishing the results of their projects in professional venues, contributing to the bottom line of the sponsoring company, and winning the first GQP project prize at the GRIE graduate student research symposium, to securing a lucrative job offer from their company sponsors.

Further, we note that each student’s journey is personal. Yet all the students came out of the experience with a new skill set and experience to impart upon their future employers. Each with an individualized lens, they share a glimpse into just what life was like as they worked on a project, and where they hope to go from here.

Rosemarie Day headshot

Rosemarie D.

MS, Data Science

Fall 2018

Project Sponsor
Findability Sciences 

Our team had five team members and we were looking to address a problem in which we would create automated libraries for acquisition, import, analysis, and cleaning data. This was important to reduce the time of data cleaning. 


Photo of Roger Gottlieb and Elke Rundensteiner, who were named William B. Smith Professors at WPI alt
Roger S. Gottlieb and Elke Rundensteiner have been named William B. Smith Professors
April 15, 2021