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Provost's MQP Awards

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These awards offer recognition to those students who have completed outstanding Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs) as a demonstration of their competency in a chosen academic discipline. Each academic department conducts its own competition to select the winners. In 2016, nearly 50 students were recognized for their innovation and achievements in WPI’s project-based learning curriculum.



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Year Recipient Award level Type Department(s) Details
2021 Connor Anderson, Achu Balasubramanian, Henry Poskanzer Winner Undergraduate Computer Science

Studying and Visualizing Contagion on Graphs

2021 Brooke Dawson, Hannah Gallagher, Amelia Harvey, Lilly Nardelli, Aram Soultanian Undergraduate Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Redesigned Shark Tagging

2021 Caroline Johnson Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

Structure/Function Studies of EGFR Family and Kek1

2021 Catherine M. Hogan Undergraduate Physics

Computational Characterization of a Millimeter-Wave Heat Exchanger with AlN:Mo Cylindrical Susceptors

2021 Christian Adler, Raymond Dolan, Elizabeth Kirschner, Henry Stadolnik Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development

Magnet Suit Game/Factory Reset

2021 Connor Bruneau, Hunter Caouette, Rimsha Kayastha, Veronica Melican, Miranda Hernandez-Reisch Undergraduate Data Science

Machine Learning for Mental Health Screening

2021 Elizabeth Butler Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

The Research and Development of an Equine Endotracheal Y-Piece Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (EETYPEEP) Valve

2021 Emma E. Burleson, Annemarie N. Eastwood, Lauren O. Mitchell, Molly W. Youngs Undergraduate Environmental Engineering

Acid Leachate Active Treatment Pilot System for Cooledge Brook, MA

2021 Gelila D. Hailemariam, Tina Ly, Tam T. Tuong Undergraduate Architectural Engineering

Immersive Space: Using Kinetic Architecture Design to Regulate Human Emotional States

2021 Jacob Borges, Jihan Nabahani, John Tanny Undergraduate Industrial Engineering

Predictive Analytics at Connecticut Children's Center

2021 James Dooney, Stephen Nerkowski, Noah Roberts Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

Assistive Bass Guitar

2021 Jessica M. Kelly Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Investigating the relationship between mRNA degradation rates and secondary structure in mycobacteria

2021 Jocelyn Mendes Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

Interfacial States, Energetics, and Passivation of Large-Grain and Thin-Film Antifluorite Cesium Titanium Bromide

2021 Kevin Stern Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

Equivalent Resistances of Polytope Networks

2021 Kristophe Zephyrin Undergraduate International Development, Environment, and Sustainability

Guyana Research Park Development Project

2021 Kweku Sam Colecraft Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

MOF-5 Cap and Guest Interplay

2021 Luigi Apollon, Kathryn Nippert, Emily Stead Undergraduate Psychological Science

Selegiline: The Effects of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors on the Behavior and Physiology of Caenorhabditis Elegans

2021 Manon C. Miller Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

Characterizing the Importance of the CO1 SLiM in Regulating Kek5's Activity

2021 Mia Buccowich, Andrew Strauss Undergraduate Robotics Engineering

Partial Hand Prosthetic

2021 Nasim Mansuri Undergraduate Professional Writing

Best Practices for Adapting Manufacturing Documentation

2021 Olivia Lattanzi Undergraduate Humanities & Arts

Putting the “Other” Center Stage: Examining Modern Language and Nuances of Representation within Theatre

2021 Sarah E. Kwatinetz , Maggie A. Ostwald, Lily C. Spicer Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

Northern Strand Community Trail On-Road Extension

2021 Sophie Balkind, Matthew Barrett, Matthew Karns, Brendan Marion, Mark Payne, David Robie, Adam Sochacki, Krystina Waters Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering

Design, Analysis, and Test of a High-Powered Model Rocket-1

2021 Yvonne Niebuhr Undergraduate Social Science & Policy Studies

Improving Oral Contraceptives: Encouraging Research into Oral Contraceptives and Their Side Effects

2020 Dominic Cascino, Paulo Chow Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Enhancing Virtual Reality Interactions with Modular Peripherals

2020 Adam Collins, William Kopellas, David Simpson Undergraduate Architectural Engineering

Analyzing the Built Environment and Human Behavior through the Creation of an Immersive Space

2020 Brent Rolfes, Daniel Shrives, Thomas Vose Undergraduate Robotics Engineering

Robotic Water Monitoring

2020 Catherine Sherman Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Moss Fungal Interactions

2020 Chester Barber, Timothy Esworthy, Sydney Palmer Undergraduate Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Tree Seedling Planter

2020 James Andon, Katherine Vasconcelos Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

BaNCE: A Simplified Model for in vivo Non-Continuous Evolution

2020 Kate Olguin, Thomas Tawadros, Mikel Matticoli, Diana Kumykova Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development

Call of Karen

2020 Katherine Vaz Gomes Undergraduate Professional Writing

Segurança e Pesquisa: A Case Study of Translation & Localization of Standard Operating Procedures in the BIOTAR Laboratory

2020 Matthew Liberacki, James Junker, Olivia Wisniewski, Brianna Owen Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

Patellofemoral Unloader Knee Brace

2020 Nicolas Amato, Zachary Huaman, Alicea Hyland, Jacob Koslow, Jordan Pickunka, Jack Procaccini, Saiyab Ranjit, William Roe, Jarod Romankiw, David Santamaria, Jake Scarponi, Braden St. Jacques, Jake Tappen Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering

Design, Analysis, and Test of a High-Powered Model Rocket

2020 Olivia Gulezian, Evan LeBeau, Ken Snoddy, Ilana Zeldin Undergraduate

Developing Patient-Centered Mobile Application for Understanding Fatigue in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)

2020 Olivia Hunker Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

Fabrication and Characterization of Asymmetric Phosphoinositide-containing Vesicles

2020 Olivia S. Gibbs, Suzanne K. Opalka, Daniela A. Schumacher, Carol T. Wang Undergraduate Industrial Engineering

Optimizing Space and Workflow at the Family Health Center of Worcester

2020 Petra Kumi Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

Anomaly Detection in Time Series Brain Data Generated by Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

2020 Rosa R. Reynoso, Van W. Harting, Isabel M. Azevedo, Madison E. Cunniff, Rediet Merra Tegegne Undergraduate Chemical Engineering, Social Science & Policy Studies

Co-Designing for Gold Mining Safety

2020 Samantha Lor, Megan Olson, Hannah Goddard, and Laura Boccio Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

Wildlife Crossing Development for Highway 1 in Batipa, Panama

2020 Sarah Butts Undergraduate Humanities & Arts

Adaptation of Ecuadorian National Music for Chamber Music Ensemble

2020 Stephanie Salerno and Jacquelyn Valsamis Undergraduate Environmental Engineering

An Environmental Analysis of Recreational Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

2020 Thomas Young Physics

Engaging Students in Energy Related Topics Using Contextualized Lessons

2020 Urmila Mallick Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

Social Integration: Feasibility of Free-Ranging Dogs for Animal: Welfare, Public Health, and Conservation Benefits.

2020 Zachary Emil, Andrew Robbertz, Richard Valente, Cole Winsor Undergraduate Computer Science

Enhanced Alternative Communications Using AI and NLP

2019 Alexander Alvarez, Grace Gerhardt, Evan Kelly, John O’Neill, Jackson Whitehouse Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering

"Design and Integration of a High-Powered Model Rocket - II."
Advisor:  Michael Demetriou

2019 Erica Davis Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Autoimmune Antibodies in Multiple Sclerosis."
Advisor: Destin Heilman


2019 Hammad Sadiq Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

"Transcriptional Regulation of Non-coding RNAs by Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Protein."
Advisor:  Amity Manning

2019 Haylea Northcott, Amanda Moulaison Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

"Pubmed AuthorMap: A study of Research Collaboration in the Life Science Fields."
Advisors:  Liz Ryder and Dimitry Korkin

2019 Julia Dunn, Lauren Guertin, Madison Michaud Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

"Design of a Wearable Sensor System for Prevention of Fatigue Induced Injuries in Baseball Pitching."
Advisors: Karen Troy, Dr. David Magit (UMMS/WPI)