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WPI’s long history of industry partnerships is the keystone of the Data Science program. Beyond the classroom walls and in the spirit of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)'s forward-looking project-based education, WPI graduate Data Scientists in the last semester of their Data Science MS program apply their comprehensive data science and analytics skills to tackle your real-world project. Many organizations have discovered the exceptional value of sponsoring a Data Science Graduate Qualifying Project (GQP) and they use the sponsorship program as a recruitment tool. We are convinced that it is a mutually beneficial relationship bringing a significant return on investment for the sponsoring company.

The Benefits of Being a Sponsor | Does your organization need outside expertise …researchers with depth and breadth of know-how in data analytics? Consider sponsoring a GQP with the students and faculty teams at WPI.

  • Bring together faculty and aspiring data scientists to tackle their problems with state-of-the-art techniques, new ideas, and vision.
  • Access a well-trained and much sought-after talent pool with students trained in the field of big data and data science.
  • Gain exclusive access and application of new techniques and technologies to find solutions to their problems
  • Create new intellectual property and value for their corporation.

How it works | The sponsor specifies a challenging business problem and provides data for the students to analyze. A team of three or four Data Science graduate students works under the terms of a mutually beneficial agreement between the corporate sponsor and WPI. Students are expert in a variety of technical and professional skills. Each team is adept in computing, machine learning, statistics, big data management, deep learning, and visualization, and with using industry-standard analytical software tools. They also receive instruction in teamwork, project management, and communication. The Graduate Qualifying Projects contribute to cutting-edge data science STEM programs provided by the industry sponsors through innovative project-based education that bridges the gap between educational training and industry.


  • Team: 3 students per team, supervised by DS faculty and industry mentor
  • Length: One semester, 14 weeklong project
  • Location: On-site at company | at WPI | Remote



Open Call For Projects

We are currently accepting sponsors for Spring 2024 and beyond. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a Data Science GQP project or learning more about this unique opportunity, please contact the Director of Data Science GQP (Prof. Fatemeh Emdad, femdad@wpi.edu). 



Graduate Qualifying Projects

Project Examples and Sponsors

While we strive for a rich diversity of project types (from data analytics and data science tool building to visual analytics) and domains (from science, engineering, financial, government, security, health, and more), some companies and/or mentors repeatedly collaborate with WPI on this important effort.

  • Analytical Approach to Account Management —sponsored by AndPlus
  • Prediction of Failed Job for Web2print —sponsored by AndPlus
  • Visual Analytics for Robust Corrosion Assessment —sponsored by Army Research Laboratory
  • MIL-STD-3059: Moving Toward the Future, a Data Science Approach —sponsored by Army Research Laboratory
  • Beat Cancer with Natural Language Processing —sponsored by Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Measuring Cancer Patients Similarity with the Clinico-Genomic Likeness Index —sponsored by Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Subvocal Speech Recognition Using EMG —sponsored by Delsys
  • Clustering Time Series Data Based on a Given Distance Function —sponsored by EnerNOC
  • Dive Into the Health Insurance World—sponsored by Fallon Health
  • Automated Process for Data Acquisition, Analysis and Preprocessing —sponsored by Findability Sciences
  •  Data on Demand —sponsored by GRC
  • Aircraft Health Predictive Analytics —sponsored by IBM
  • Bioassay Concept Mapping: Limitations of Current NLP Technologies —sponsored by IOMICS
  •  Structuring the Unstructured: Natural Language Analysis of a Knowledge Base —sponsored by Kronos
  • Modeling Workforce Transaction —sponsored by Kronos
  • VERTI Auto Insurance —sponsored by MAPFRE/VERTI Insurance
  • Mobile App Usability and Click Tracking Analysis —sponsored by MAPFRE/VERTI Insurance
  • Public School Website Design —sponsored by MassINC
  • Machine Estimation of Exposure —sponsored by MassDEP
  • MassDEP Disposal Cleanup Rate Factors —sponsored by MassDEP
  • University Lookup Via Textual Analytics —sponsored by MathWorks
  • Bridging the Communication Gap in Global Fire Safety Using Neural Machine Translation —sponsored by National Fire Protection Association
  • Research and Implementation of Distributed Frameworks for Geocoding —sponsored by National Fire Protection Association
  • Fleet Maintenance Data Mining at National Grid —sponsored by National Grid
  • Adding Value in Machine Learning in Building the IoT —sponsored by OSRAM
  • Application of Smart Lighting to Workspace Optimization in Office Space Utilization —sponsored by OSRAM Sylvania
  • Clinical Supply Chain Shipment Profiling —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Clinical Supply Chain Data Profiling —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Clinical Trial Overage: Define the Data Landscape —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Enhancing and Accelerating Chemical Development Through Easy-to-Use Computational Tools —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Investigational Product Waste Analysis: Optimizing the Global Clinical Supply Chain —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Enhancing and Accelerating Chemical Development Through Easy-to-Use Computational Tools —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Global Clinical Supply Chain (Patient Enrollment Performance and Prediction) —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Scientific Data Cloud —sponsored by Pfizer
  • Real-Time Cyber Security Threat Detection —sponsored by Seceon
  • Anomaly Detection in Cybersecurity —sponsored by Seceon
  • Analysis of Wearable Sensors Data For Human Activity Recognition —sponsored by Takeda Pharmaceutical
  • Learning the Brain —sponsored by UMass Medical School
  • Learning the Mind —sponsored by UMass Medical School
  • Outlier Detection In EEG Data —sponsored by UMass Medical School
  • Talent AI: A Job Recommendation System Via Resume Text Mining —sponsored by United Technologies
  • Empowering Fraud Detection —sponsored by Waters Corporation
  • Paradigm™ Scientific Search Redesign —sponsored by Waters Corporation
  • Data Mining Waters Databases —sponsored by Waters Corporation


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