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Data Science Club

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The Data Science Club at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is a vibrant community of undergraduate students interested in data science. Whether you’re passionate about math, statistics, business, or computer science, this club welcomes WPI students at all experience levels who want to explore the fascinating world of data science and develop professional and academic skills!

So, whether you’re curious about predictive modeling, big data analysis, or machine learning, the Data Science Club is a fantastic place to explore and learn!

Here are some key points about the Data Science Club:



Mission and Goals:

  • The club aims to teach data science skills and foster a supportive community.
  • It provides opportunities to learn about the various applications of data science and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.
  • Membership is open to all WPI students, regardless of their major.
  • All experience levels are welcome, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find a place here.

Events and Activities:

  • The club hosts a variety of events, including:
  • Industry Talks: Hear from representatives about how data science is utilized in a variety of companies including Travelers, Epsilon, and Dimensional Insight.
  • Skills Workshops: Dive into some of the main skills necessary to pursue data science including Python, R, and SQL.
  • Club Collaborations: Join students from the Investment Association, the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Club, and other WPI organizations to learn about the intersection of data science and other fields.
  • Resume building workshops: Enhance your resume and prepare for future career opportunities.
  • Career fair preparation sessions: Get ready to impress potential employers. 
  • Meetings are held bi-weekly on Wednesday nights.

Get Involved:

If you’re interested in joining the Data Science Club or want more information, feel free to join on MyWPI or email gr-DSclubExec@wpi.edu


Student Spotlight

Hear from our WPI DS Undergraduate Students

DS_Dante Amicarella

Dante Amicarella

I am studying Data Science at WPI. Coming into freshman year, my initial focus was on pursuing Mechanical Engineering. However, it wasn't until my best friend, Matt, introduced me to the captivating realm of data science that I swiftly made the right decision to change majors. The Data Science curriculum has given me the opportunity to collaborate with intellectually fascinating peers. In my most recent project, a one-term FinTech endeavor with an alternative investment company based in New York City, I teamed up with students majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Data Science. Our goal was to develop an interpretable investment document appraisal model. In the project, my team and I implemented text and image parsers for extracting financial metrics from deal documents and running a GPT-4 model for categorizing these documents based on their “investability’. The Data Science community is close-knit. I connected with fellow students in classes, and many of these connections have blossomed into enduring friendships and in my case my closest companion. My best advice is to get out there as much as possible. Join as many clubs as possible and organizations that interest you because having a large network has always been valuable to me, both in and outside the classroom.          

DS_Adina Palayoor

Adina Palayoor

As a student in the WPI DS program, I have found the curriculum to be extremely valuable in preparing me for real-world data science challenges because of its hands-on learning approach. The program places a strong emphasis on both technical and soft skills, through its unique combination of mathematics, business, computer science, and core data science classes. This breadth of courses from a wide array of disciplines has given me the necessary tools to understand data science modeling techniques and best practices for applying them to tackle challenges in many different domains. Equally as valuable to my learning in the classroom has been my experience as the President of the Data Science Club. It has helped me grow my leadership skills, learn how to motivate other students, and work to create a collaborative and enriching environment for students in the club. By organizing events, workshops, and collaborations with companies, I have gained valuable insights and problem-solving skills that extend far beyond my technical skills. Throughout my time in the program, I’ve become more confident in not only my ability to navigate complex data landscapes but also to lead others who share my passion for the subject.

DS Alysha Creelman

Alysha Creelman

As a student passionate about the intersection of business and technology, I have found the WPI Data Science program to be a perfect combination of my interests. WPI’s project-based curriculum has equipped me with the confidence and skills necessary to pursue various internships and research experiences. My internship last summer at Travelers in Hartford, CT introduced me to the practical applications of data science and business intelligence within the insurance industry. I am excited to continue exploring the various applications of data science through additional course projects, my returning internship with Travelers this summer, and my upcoming MQP with the sports betting company DraftKings. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my undergraduate experience has been my time on the executive board of the Data Science Club. Through this organization, I have had the opportunity to connect and share my experiences with fellow students across a variety of departments on campus. I advise all future students to get involved and take advantage of the amazing resources within the WPI Data Science department. The tight-knit community of students, faculty, and staff at this school are always willing to help and are excited to watch you succeed!

Preview NFL MQP
Data Science MQP Team WOWs the NFL

Campus Partnerships Lead to WPI’s First Collaboration with the NFL

In a first-ever collaboration between WPI and the National Football League, undergraduate students Matthew Dzwil ’23, Mia Hopman ’23, and Katie Houskeeper ’23 recently completed a Major Qualifying Project (MQP) that analyzed whether data collected during the league’s main scouting event could accurately predict how wide receivers performed during real games. The students worked with the NFL central office in New York City to determine whether player-movement metrics from the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine could accurately predict in-game performance. 

"Not only did we work on manipulating data to provide valuable insights on NFL player combine movements and how those movements compared to in-game movements, but we also provided recommendations to the NFL on how data collection could be improved in future years."

-Katie Housekeeper '23