WPI’s Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division (IGSD) is a unique academic unit that serves as a gateway for students and faculty to connect with and make a difference in communities around the world.

The division administers two vital components of WPI’s project-based learning model: the Global Projects Program, WPI’s signature study and work away program; and the Interactive Qualifying Project, a distinctive interdisciplinary project experience that challenges students to examine the impact of science and technology on society to address social issues and human needs.

IGSD faculty members and staff advise and support students as they complete their projects on or off campus at one of our 50+ global project centers. The faculty also leverages project center environments to conduct their own research on local and regional sustainable development and interdisciplinary, project-based education.

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2019 Presidents IQP award finalist presentations


Please join us on ​Friday 31 January 2020 in the Rubin Campus Center Odeum



Opening remarks



Upper Primary Science Curriculum Development for

Physically Active Youth

Students: Olivia Gibbs, Samantha Lor, Ariana Rozen, Gavin Sabol

Advisors: Joseph Doiron and Bethel Eddy



A Mobile Application for Locating Treatment and Support

Students: Walker Christie, Kyle Foley, Natasha Honcharik, Michael Kola

Advisor: Thomas Balistrieri



The Development of an Interactive Data Portal for Rural Electrification

in Namibia

Students: Sarat Buasai, Benen ElShakhs, Brian Kelsey, Monica Leigh Whitehorn

Advisors: Joseph Doiron and Bethel Eddy






Interactive Museum Exhibit Featuring Pueblo Influence on

New Mexican Contemporary Architecture

Students: Colin Ancalmo, Hannah Baez, Noah Budris, Alexander Spielman

Advisor: Lauren Mathews



Creating Methods for SINGA Lyon to Determine and Demonstrate their Impact

Students: Ellen Clarrissimeaux, Sawnaz Shaidani, Emily Staknis, Jeremiah Valero Araujo

Advisors: Peter Hansen and Fabienne Miller


WPI Recognized as Top Producing Institution of Gilman Scholars

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship supports undergraduate U.S. citizens of limited financial means to study abroad with the goal to “reshape study abroad to make it more accessible and inclusive for American students.”  WPI was named a Top Producing Institution for the 2016—2017 academic year, earning additional recognition as a top producer of STEM students as well as small colleges and universities that produce scholarship winners.

WPI Receives 2019 Seal of Excellence for Commitment to Generation Study Abroad

Since 2016, IIE has recognized the U.S. colleges and universities that have made strategic commitments to the Generation Study Abroad initiative and achieved their goal of increasing the number of U.S. students studying abroad from their campus before the end of the decade. This year, 28 campuses, including WPI, were recognized by IIE for meeting their Generation Study Abroad commitments and successfully increasing the numbers of students participating in study abroad.

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Media Coverage

RUV theIcelandic National Broadcasting Service, interviewed WPI undergraduate students Kyle France, Veronica Melican, Sam Moran, and Suverino Frith from the university’s Iceland Project Center about their recommendations to improve bus service (6:47 mark). 

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WPI students working on a project in Australia. alt
WPI students working on a project in Australia.

Go into the World.

We believe global experiences are an invaluable part of a WPI education, which is why starting with the Class of 2022, all students receive a scholarship up to $5,000 to complete a global project. Choose from one of over 50 project center locations around the world for your Interactive Qualifying Project, Major Qualifying Project, or Humanities & Arts Requirement. It’s the experience that takes you further—we can’t wait to see where yours will take you.

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Student at Morocco Project Center alt
Student at Morocco Project Center

Global Portal

The Global Portal provides all the necessary information, forms, and resources to plan and prepare for a student’s off-campus experience. Through the portal, students can access off-campus project opportunities, review program costs, start an application for a project, and more.

Life of a Scientist

IGSD professor Ingrid Shockey is among more than a dozen members of the WPI scientific community who shared what it means to be a scientist. 


Project Immersion: Bar Harbor

WPI students aren’t your typical learners, and the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) is not your typical study abroad. Each term, students and faculty members travel to one of 40+ project centers around the country and the world to put theory into practice. Follow 20 students and one faculty member as they travel to Bar Harbor, Maine and embark on a distinctive immersive project experience working with a local sponsoring organization. 


WPI Takes Generation Study Abroad Pledge to Expand Global Projects Program

WPI pledges to have 50 global project centers by 2018 as part of the IIE Generation Study Abroad Initiative, a nationwide push to increase the number of American students who spend a semester or more studying in foreign countries.