WPI students have the opportunity to complete three of their project experiences on- or off-campus.

Resources for on-campus and off-campus opportunities can be found below.

On-Campus Project Opportunities

Learn more about on-campus IQPs.

Off-Campus Project Opportunities

From the Global Portal you can access off-campus project opportunities, review program costs, start an application for a project, and more. This is also a valuable resource during the pre-departure preparation period.

  • Humanities and Arts Requirement: HUA students immerse themselves in the art, culture, and writings of a particular city/country
  • Interactive Qualifying Project: IQP students work with local organizations to tackle real-life problems and challenges where science and technology meet social issues and human needs
  • Major Qualifying Project: MQP students pursue technical projects in their major course of study, frequently in partnership with industry leaders and other universities

Project Immersion

For most students, the IQP is more than a year in the making. Beginning with the Global Fair at the start of your sophomore year and continuing with project center-specific orientations and required courses leading up to your departure, it's all part of WPI's commitment to preparing you for the adventure ahead. Follow the story of 24 of your peers on their IQP journey in Tirana, Albania.

Global Portal

Want to go off campus?  From the Global Portal you can view off-campus project opportunities, apply for off-campus programs, and review deadlines, policy information and more important details related to the Global Projects Program.

Find Available Projects

Looking for an on-campus project? View available projects proposals and faculty advisors by searching the following databases: