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Informed business decisions rely on relevant and current data to help executives make decisions. An master’s in business analytics online gives you the skills and training you need to make these choices. Because data is prolific and continual, business analytics professionals who know how to interpret and use that data are in high demand.

Organizational leaders can make data-driven decisions based on up-to-the-minute trends and results by having a clear understanding of business needs and technology-driven platforms. Without trained analysts and decision-makers who know how to use analytical methods and create business impact, great opportunities are lost.

WPI’s master’s in business analytics online provides a solid foundation in business analytics, with applications in a variety of business areas, plus a real-world, team-based project, which ensures that students are prepared to be successful in a data-driven, technological business environment.

The Business School, grounded in a technology-focused university, has world-class expertise and educational resources in these areas, and thus is suitably poised to offer a graduate-level education to prepare students for their career choices and leadership.

This degree is available on campus.
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Learning Outcomes for Master's in Business Analytics Online

  • Build descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical skills to guide data-driven decisions and influence organizational success. 
  • Learn advanced methods in machine learning, market research, operations modeling, and optimization analysis. 
  • Develop leadership skills to manage teams and oversee projects. 
  • Boost communication abilities to effectively present findings and get buy-in from stakeholders. 
  • Acquire a deep understanding of data processes while working with the same software and applications used in business environments, such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, SPSS, NVivo, Qualtrics, and auto ML tools. 
  • Address big-picture issues, such as ethics, security, and sustainability. 

Admissions Qualifications for Master’s in Business Analytics Online

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with prior programming, statistics, and finance/accounting preparation, with a GPA of > 3.0 

GMAT/GRE’s are not required for this program   

For specific application requirements, visit our admissions for online programs page. 

If you do not have a bachelor's degree, please view our list of undergraduate programs


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  • Program Requirements

    The Master of Science in Business Analytics online is a fully asynchronous program, consisting of 11 courses totaling 33 credit hours. Courses do not provide options related to a research degree (e.g., no provision for research credits, qualifying exams, thesis option, or research seminars). 

    Each student completes required core courses and then chooses two specializations from three options: 

    • Advanced Business Analytics Methods 
    • Marketing Analytics 
    • Operations Analytics 

    The degree culminates with a final capstone project that connects students from around the world with companies that need solutions to real challenges. WPI emphasizes project-based learning, and collaborative work is a core element of this degree. 

  • Courses


    MIS 584. Business Intelligence 

    OIE 552. Modeling and Optimizing Processes 

    MIS 502. Data Management for Analytics 


    Students must fulfill two specializations. 

    Advanced Business Analytics Methods 

    Complete all three courses 

    MIS 587. Business Applications in Machine Learning 

    OIE 559. Advanced Prescriptive Analytics: From Data to Impact

    MKT 562. Marketing Research 

    Marketing Analytics 

    Complete three courses 

    Choose between: 

    MKT 500. Marketing Strategy 


    MKT 561. Consumer Behavior and Analytics

    Take both: 

    MKT 565. Digital Marketing 

    MKT 568. Data Mining Business Applications 

    Operations Analytics 

    Complete any three courses 

    OIE 501. Operations Management

    OIE 542. Risk Management and Decision Analysis

    OIE 544. Supply Chain Analysis and Design 

    OIE 548. Performance Analytics 

    OIE 558. Designing and Managing Lean Six Sigma Processes 


    Students must complete a two-course capstone project experience, as follows: 

    OBC 505. Teaming and Organizing for Innovation 

    BUS 596. Master of Science Capstone Project

Course Schedules

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We teach our students a lot of different software and tools. By the end of the program, they have a huge toolkit that can be used for decision-making and other business issues, and that they can list on their resume or CV.
Purvi Shah
Associate Professor of Business