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Earn Your Master's in Business Analytics

Informed business decisions rely on significant and current data to help executives make decisions. A master's in business analytics gives you the skills and training you need to make these choices. Because data is prolific and continual, business analytics professionals who know how to interpret and use that data are in high demand.

When data is accurately and efficiently understood with an eye for business needs and technology-driven platforms, organizational leaders can make strategic decisions based on up-to-the-minute trends and results. Without trained analysts and decision makers who know how to use analytics methods and interpret the results for business results, great opportunities are lost.

WPI’s STEM-designated Master's in Business Analytics provides a solid foundation in business analytics, with applications in a variety of business areas, plus a real-world, team-based project, which ensures that students are prepared to be successful in a data-driven, technological business environment.

A Premier STEM Business Degree, More Affordable Tuition

There is a pressing need for engineers, scientists, and coders with business acumen and management skills. WPI is committed to making STEM education more attainable, and The Business School is doing its part by reducing its tuition for graduate programs. Today, a premier degree from WPI’s business school is more affordable than ever—meaning you can see a high return on investment from your degree even sooner.

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The Business Analytics MS is a 33-credit-hours program including applied analytics courses that address business problems and include a realistic capstone project. Courses in this professional MS in Business Analytics degree program do not provide options related to a research degree (e.g., no provision for research credits, qualifying exams, thesis option, or research seminars).

Program Requirements

Requirements for the MS in Business Analytics (MSBA)

Business analytics MS students must complete a three-course core, as follows:

  • MIS 502 Data Management for Analytics 
  • MIS 584 Business Intelligence 
  • OIE 552 Modeling and Optimizing Processes

Business analytics MS students must complete two three-course specialties, selected from the following specialties:

Specialty in Advanced Business Analytics Methods

  • MIS 587 Business Applications in Machine Learning
  • MKT 562 Marketing Research 
  • OIE 559 Advanced Prescriptive Analytics: From Data to Impact

Specialty in Marketing Analytics
Select one of the following two courses (the other two courses are required):

  • MKT 500 Marketing Strategy (recommended for students with no marketing background) 
  • MKT 561 Consumer Behavior and Analytics
  • MKT 565 Digital Marketing 
  • MKT 568 Marketing Analytics 

Specialty in Operations Analytics
Select three of the following courses:

  • OIE 501 Operations Management (recommended for students with no operations background)
  • OIE 542 Risk Management and Decision Analysis
  • OIE 544 Supply Chain Analysis and Design
  • OIE 548 Performance Analytics
  • OIE 558 Designing and Managing Lean Six Sigma Processes

Note: Additional specialties are likely to be developed in the future.

Business analytics MS students must complete a two-course capstone project experience, as follows:

  • OBC 505 Teaming and Organizing for Innovation
  • BUS 596  Master of Science Capstone Project

About the MSBA Capstone

One of the central priorities in WPI’s educational philosophy is the application of academic skills and knowledge to real-world problems. The capstone project represents a substantive evaluation and application of coursework covered in the program. Students are encouraged to select projects with practical significance for the advancement of their company’s competitive position as well as their own personal development. The project is administered, advised, and evaluated by WPI as part of the learning experience, but students are encouraged to seek mentorship from experienced colleagues in the Business Analytics profession. The presence of or degree of participation from a mentor is made at the discretion of the student or the organization sponsoring the program.

Recommendation for International Students

On-campus, international students are encouraged to complete up to three additional credits of internship to ensure their readiness for employment in the U.S.


Admissions Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with at least one prior college-level statistics course with a grade of B or better, and a GPA > 3.0.

For International Students - English Language Proficiency Requirement

The Business Masters programs require a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 90, TOEFL Essentials score of 8.5, IELTS score of 7 (minimum sub-score of 6.5), or Duolingo score of 115.

Take the Next Steps Toward a Business Analytics Master’s Degree

Are you ready to elevate your career in business analytics? Pursuing a business analytics masters is a step in the right direction. As a MS business analytics student, you will learn advanced business analytics methods in market research, machine learning, and more. A career in business analytics is more than just analyzing and collecting data. You will gain the expertise to make data-driven decisions that can render real organizational impact.


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Faculty Profiles

Sharon Johnson
Sharon Johnson

I enjoy teaching at WPI because students bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to their learning; I am also inspired by their optimism. My teaching also reflects topics that motivate me:  detailed process design in our Industrial Engineering program, exploring the implications of operational excellence in our graduate programs, and advancing health care systems. 

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Nima Kordzadeh
Nima Kordzadeh
Assistant Professor, The Business School

Nima Kordzadeh is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the WPI Business School. He is also affiliated with the Data Science Program. Joining WPI in 2017, Professor Kordzadeh was drawn by the university's commitment to blending theory with practice, aligning perfectly with his educational philosophy.

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Purvi Shah
Purvi Shah
Associate Professor, The Business School

Professor Shah has 'done' marketing and now she 'teaches' marketing at the WPI Business School. She has a diverse industry experience in the marketing/brand management function of mid-size to large corporations across consumer goods, retail, and real estate verticals. In academics, she aspires to play her role as a researcher (knowledge creation) and teacher (knowledge dissemination). Her research questions, in the context of discovery, attempt to explain and understand interesting and challenging marketing phenomena that have not received much research attention.

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Diane Strong
Diane Strong
Professor & Department Head, The Business School

WPI provides an environment that values both teaching and research, which is ideal for me. I enjoy teaching at WPI because students are interested in learning and willing to work hard. My teaching focuses on how business, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations can best use computing technologies, such as database systems, electronic health records systems, and mobile apps. Students in my classes learn to design computing applications that meet the needs of organizations.

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Andrew Trapp
Andrew Trapp

I am Professor of Operations and Industrial Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), with courtesy appointments in Mathematical Sciences, Data Science, and Computer Science. I hold a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. My objective is to use science and technology to assist real human need by improving systems that serve vulnerable peoples, such as refugees and asylum seekers, survivors of human trafficking, and children in the foster care system.

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