AweSTEM! 2018, held on March 28, focused on a theme of "Supporting Diversity in STEM." Thank you to all of the presenters who shared interesting and engaging ways they tackle this theme. Also, thank you to all who attended. Below is the contact information and electronic handouts for all presenters. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Elmes (kaelmes@wpi.edu). 


  1. Virtual Reality 

    Jessica Stodulski & Eileen Spinney (stodulskij@fitchburg.k12.ma.us

    Fitchburg Public Schools


    Relation to Diversity Theme
  2. MySTEM - Mentoring for Success in STEM

    Jessica Haggett & Tracey Gustafson (jessica.haggett@bbbscm.org)

    More Information and Relation to Diversity Theme
  3. Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs


    Website: www.wpi.edu/+pop

    Sue Sontgerath (ssont@wpi.edu)
  4. Project Lead The Way


    Website: www.pltw.org

    Mary Laturnau (program implementation, curriculum content, PLTW agreement and policies, budgeting, equipment/supply requirements, student scheduling), mlaturnau@pltw.org

    Martha Cyr (core training at WPI, college credit from WPI, MA specific issues), mcyr@wpi.edu

    PLTW Solution Center, solutioncenter@pltw.org or 877-335-7589
  5. STEM Education Center Professional Development


    Website: www.wpi.edu/+pd

    Mia Dubosarsky (mdubosarsky@wpi.edu
  6. Bootstrap: Equity, Scale, Rigor

    Adam Newall (adam.newall@pembrokek12.org)

    Pembroke Public Schools
  7. Project-Based Learning at Elmwood Street School

    Elmwood Street School Team

    Chris Mainhart (cmainhart@millburyschools.org)
  8. NHS's ICED Epic Challenge Program

    James Gorman & Christine Cote (jgorman@nps.org)

    Northbridge Public Schools
  9. Demonstrating STEM Knowledge in Diverse Ways

    Worcester Head Start Team

    Carlene Sherbourne (sherbournec@worc.k12.ma.us)

    Worcester Public Schools
  10. Ramp and Roll: Exploring Friction through the Science and Engineering Practices

    Andrew Hacket & Alex Leith (andrew_hacket@wrsd.net)

    Wachusett Regional School District
  11. ASSISTments


    Website: http://www.aboutus.assistments.org

    Neil Heffernan, Cristina Heffernan, and Lulu Moyo, assistments@wpi.edu
  12. Master's Degrees for Educators: Math and Physics


    Math: John Goulet (goulet@wpi.edu), www.wpi.edu/+mme

    Physics: Doug Petkie (dtpetkie@wpi.edu), https://www.wpi.edu/academics/study/physics-for-educators-mped
  13. Opportunities to Partner with WPI Faculty

  14. Graspable Math


    Website: https://graspablemath.com/

    Erin Ottmar (erottmar@wpi.edu
  15. Mass Academy


    Website: www.massacademy.org 

    Mike Barney (mbarney@wpi.edu)