The STEM Education Center will host its 8th annual celebration of PreK-12 educators, AweSTEM! 2019 on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm in Alden Memorial Hall. This year’s theme will be “Growing STEM in Our Communities.”

Presentation information will be added immediately after the program. 

1. Take-Home Science Challenges

    Jenna Erickson (jenna.queior@gmail.com)

    Waltham Public Schools


2. Growing Your Program with 4-H

Kim Pond (kima@umext.umass.edu)

    UMass Extension 4-H Youth Development Program


    IMPACT Program Brochure: http://ag.umass.edu/sites/ag.umass.edu/files/pdf-doc-ppt/impact_brochure_final.pdf

    Computer Science 4-H & Google 2017 Press Release: 


    Sample Curriculum 

    4-H National Youth Science Day Since 2008

3. Problem of the Month

Nicole Kontulis & Sheri Dumas (Nicole.Kontulis@stpetercc.com)

    St. Peter Central Catholic

    Project Overview

4. An Industrial Past for Innovation

    Betsy Wermuth & Lisa Gogolinski (ewermuth@nps.org)

    Northbridge Public Schools


5. First Grade Blooms

Elisabeth Powers, Rina Federico, & Sue O'Malley (ewermuth@nps.org)

    St. Joseph Elementary School


6. City Science: The Science You Live

    Anna Crocker & Christina Chappell (acrocker@ecotarium.org)


    EcoTarium Programs and Education Link: https://ecotarium.org/programs-education/

    City Science and other Featured Exhibits Link: https://ecotarium.org/indoor-explorations/

7. STREAM Around the Globe

Nana Abdelkader (nabdelkader@alhudaacademy.org)

    Alhuda Academy

    STREAM Event Overview

    STREAM Standards ELA and SS

    Middle School Science Standards 2019 for STREAM

8. Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs


    Website: www.wpi.edu/+pop

    Sue Sontgerath (ssont@wpi.edu)

9. Project Lead The Way


    Website: www.pltw.org

    Mary Laturnau (program implementation, curriculum content, PLTW agreement and policies, budgeting, equipment/supply

    requirements, student scheduling), mlaturnau@pltw.org

    Martha Cyr (core training at WPI, college credit from WPI, MA specific issues), mcyr@wpi.edu

    PLTW Solution Center, solutioncenter@pltw.org or 877-335-7589

10. STEM Education Center Professional Development 


     Website: www.wpi.edu/+pd

     Mia Dubosarsky (mdubosarsky@wpi.edu

11. Seeds of STEM PreK Curriculum

Suchira Channoi & Colleen Bostwick

     Head Start Worcester


12. ICED Epic Challenge Program

James Gorman & Christine Cote (jgorman@mursd.org)

     Mendon-Upton Regional School District & Northbridge Public Schools

     ICED Epic Challenge Program Overview

13. Graspable Math


     Website: https://graspablemath.com/

     Erin Ottmar (erottmar@wpi.edu)

14. ASSISTments


     Website: assistments.org

     Cindy Starks & Emma Berman (assistments@wpi.edu)

15. MHS STEM Fair Sponsored by Women in STEM Club

Shanley Heller & Kristy Macedo (sheller@medwayschools.org)

     Medway Public Schools

     Template of Master Planning WiSTEM Fair: 


16. Preparing for Careers

Ethan Brown (BrownEA@masshirecentral.com)

     MassHire Central Regional Workforce Board


17. Mass Academy


     Website: www.massacademy.org

     Mike Barney (mbarney@wpi.edu

18. Master's Degrees for Educators: Math & Physics


     Math: John Goulet (goulet@wpi.edu), www.wpi.edu/+mme

     Physics: Doug Petkie (dtpetkie@wpi.edu), https://www.wpi.edu/academics/study/physics-for-educators-mped

19. Integration of Citizen Science, Computer Programming, Modeling of Ecological Systems,

      and the Study of Ecosystem Dynamics

Johanna vanderSpek, Jennifer Hardy, & Jennifer Field (vanderspekj@worcesterschools.net)

     Worcester Public Schools & Mendon-Upton Regional School District

20. Opportunities to Partner with WPI Faculty