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The BA of Environmental & Sustainability Studies program at WPI gives you the intensive technological and social training to prepare you to solve the complex environmental problems of our time — particularly the consequences of human-induced changes to the environment.

With hands-on project work and course work fully embedded in the science, technology, and innovation so prevalent in WPI’s culture, you’ll work with engineers, scientists, and social scientists to understand the impact and relevance of making changes in such an intricate system.

While working closely with faculty, peers, and community members, you’ll learn to communicate technical information fluently, and also have the know-how to implement scientifically accurate and culturally sensitive change.



Environmental & Sustainability Studies is interdisciplinary, with course work spanning biology, chemistry, environmental engineering, philosophy, history, and environmental law and policy. Our students are passionate about the global health of people and the environment, so they get involved in projects that have lasting, positive impact on local and international communities.

You’ll work closely with engaged faculty who encourage you to be out in the world. Topics are explored in transformative project-based work where you’ll learn how to identify and solve pressing problems like water sanitation, effective planning, and managing biodiversity in communities. 

Project-based Learning

WPI’s strong curriculum is based on the core concept of project-based learning. For decades, WPI students have worked side-by-side with faculty researching solutions to real-world problems. As an environmental & sustainability studies major, you'll tackle local and global issues and projects that affect residents from Worcester to Morocco, including renewable energy and energy conservation to climate change mitigation.

More Value

Whether it’s real-world work experience through a co-op or internshipearning a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four or five years through the BS/MS program, or integrating your coursework with your extracurricular interests through Major and a Mission, there are many ways you can make the most out of your time at WPI.