The demand for IT professionals who understand business and the emerging focus on business analytics has never been greater. As a student in WPI’s STEM-designated MS in Information Technology program, you’ll be immersed into the information technology, business analytics, and comprehensive management principles necessary for understanding the application of IT to business. You will learn how to create business opportunities by leveraging existing and emerging information technology and analytics tools and learning how to use that information in business applications. The program will prepare you to take on a leadership role at the forefront of technological and business innovations.



The MS in Information Technology 36-credit program curriculum draws from WPI’s strengths in technology, engineering, and science. Courses explore a wide range of cutting-edge topics, including the organizational and technological challenges of enterprise systems, security management, systems development life cycle, and information systems innovation.

MSIT students must complete a three-course core as follows:
               MIS 581 Policy and Strategy for IT and Analytics
               MIS 584 Business Intelligence
               MIS 502 Data Management for Analytics
MSIT students must complete two three-course specialties, selected from the following specialties:
 Specialty in Information Systems Design
               MIS 571 Database Applications Design and Development
               MIS 582 Information Security Management
               MIS 585 User Experience Design
 Specialty in Data Analytics
               MIS 587 Business Applications in Machine Learning
               MKT 568 Data Mining Business Applications
                     Select 1 of the following:
                          MKT 565 Digital Marketing
                          MKT 562 Marketing Research
 Specialty in Digital Transformation
    MIS 500 Innovating with Information Systems
         Select one of the following:
                    OIE 501 Designing Operations for Competitive Advantage (recommended for students with no operations background)
                    OIE 544 Supply Chain Analysis and Design
                    OIE 558 Designing and Managing Lean Six Sigma Processes
         Select one of the following:
                    MIS 576 Project Management
                    OBC 503 Negotiations
                    OBC 537 Change Management
 Specialty in IT User Experience
              MKT 561 Consumer Behavior and Analytics
              MIS 583 User Experience Applications
              MIS 586 User Experience Research Methods

      Additional specialties are likely to be developed in the future
MSIT students must complete a two-course capstone project experience as follows:
              OBC 505 Teaming and Organizing for Innovation
              BUS 596 Master of Science Capstone Project


Additional recommendations:

Students may complete up to three credits of internship work to improve their post-graduation career readiness.

Financial Information

Tuition is based on minimum curriculum for the MS program which is 33 credits. The current price of tuition is $1,566 per credit, making the proposed cost of the program $51,348 in tuition only (AY 2020-21). For more detailed information on tuition – including fees – please visit the complete breakdown of costs on the Financial Aid page.

Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Eleanor Loiacono

Eleanor T. Loiacono is a Professor of Management Information Systems at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She encourages her students to challenge themselves beyond the comfort of the classroom and was awarded the Moruzzi Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Education for the development of an externally sponsored design competition requiring students to develop a comprehensive network plan based on a "real" Request for Proposal (RFP). Students find the competition a challenging and valuable exercise in preparing for the future.


Bengisu Tulu

I enjoy teaching because it allows me to interact with students who have the potential to make the world a better place using technology. I continually innovate in my courses to ensure students enjoy the learning experience, learn the key concepts and skills related to information systems through real world examples, have an opportunity to learn from each other, learn to present themselves as professionals, and most importantly learn to use or develop technology to make a difference.


Diane M Strong

WPI provides an environment that values both teaching and research, which is ideal for me. I enjoy teaching at WPI because students are interested in learning and willing to work hard. My teaching focuses on how business, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations can best use computing technologies, such as database systems, electronic health records systems, and mobile apps. Students in my classes learn to design computing applications that meet the needs of organizations.


Nima Kordzadeh

Dr. Kordzadeh joined the faculty of the Foisie Business School at WPI in July 2017. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis on Information Technology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. His research interests include health informatics, social media, information privacy, and business intelligence and analytics.