Learn to lead at the intersection of business and technology with a Master of Science in Management degree from WPI. Whether you are an early career professional seeking to enhance your undergraduate education, or an established specialist in your field, you will find that our program offers you the flexibility to tailor a course of study to your interests and career objectives. The program will prepare you to innovate products and services within technology-based enterprises, leveraging a solid and practical understanding of all major functional business areas, from financial management to complex group dynamics and organizational design.



Our curriculum draws from WPI’s strengths in science and engineering to bring innovations into the classroom and give graduates an edge in an increasingly technology-driven and globally competitive business world. While many students find the MS in Management degree gives them just the edge they need, you may also choose an alternative track that leads to an MBA (PDF). Both online and in the classroom, MS in Management and MBA students participate in integrated core classes that combine principles of finance, business law, economics, marketing, and management. 

This program is designed for students who are looking for ultimate flexibility.  MSMG students must complete at least four of the following required courses:

  • ACC 500 Accounting and Finance Fundamentals (1 credit) AND
  • ACC 502 Financial Intelligence and Strategic Decision Making (2 credits)
  • BUS 500 Business Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • ETR 500 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • FIN 503 Financial Decision Making for Value Creation
  • MIS 500 Innovating with Information Systems
  • MKT 500 Marketing Management
  • OBC 505 Teaming and Organizing for Innovation 
  • OBC 506 The Heart of Leadership: Power, Reflection, and Interpersonal Skills
  • OIE 501 Designing Operations for Competitive Analysis

Students round out their program with electives to total ten courses for the degree, but no more than two electives outside of the Foisie Business School.  For electives, refer to the Graduate Catalog.

Financial Information

Tuition is based on the current curriculum for the MS program which is 36 credits. The current price of tuition is $1,566 per credit making the total cost for the program $56,376 in tuition only. For more detailed information on tuition – including fees – please visit the complete breakdown of costs on the Financial Aid page.

Faculty Profiles

Michael B. Elmes

Michael B. Elmes

Foisie Business School

Since arriving at WPI in 1990, I have framed my role in the classroom as helping technically-minded students to become more cognizant and mindful of the complex human and behavioral dimensions of life in organizations. I have done this in a variety of ways from experiential exercises to digital storytelling to classroom-as-organization designs.

Huong N. Higgins

Huong Higgins

Foisie Business School

My courses aim to develop expertise in financial decision-making by focusing on frequently used financial accounting information and the conceptual framework for managing financial problems. Students are introduced to the accounting and financial concepts, and principles and methods for preparing, analyzing and evaluating financial information. The overall objectives are to manage financial resources of a business enterprise and to make investment decisions.


Dimitri Koutmos

Assistant Professor
Foisie Business School

Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I worked in the health insurance industry in the United States. I was fortunate to later study and teach in the United Kingdom at leading research institutions; my PhD was awarded by Durham University and I taught at the University of Leeds. A recurring theme in my research is the identification and plausible quantification of forces that drive fluctuations in asset prices. One of the nodes in this research is deciphering whether a trade-off between risk and return manifests in the movement of asset prices.


After Graduation

The MS in Management prepares you to deliver solutions in ever-changing business environments. Visit WPI’s Career Development Center.

Resources for International Students

The International House provides ongoing programs and essential services to assist, guide, and support international students and scholars in their transition to U.S. society and academic culture.