Inspired by Intersession, WinterSession gives WPI students, alumni, faculty, and staff the chance to participate in classes, workshops, and sessions on a variety of topics outside the classroom.

Years ago, WPI students had the opportunity to participate in Intersession, a week of rapid-fire classes, workshops, and sessions on myriad topics. Now, with the help of WPI Launchpad and the KEEN grant, that program has been reinvented as the student-led WinterSession.

Held on campus in the few days before C-Term begins, WinterSession is a 3-day series of workshops and events that give students, alumni, faculty, and staff the chance to explore new topics, develop (or perfect) their skills, and foster new connections in a variety of environments, all through a non-hierarchical teaching style.

The highlight of the 2019 WinterSession will be an Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) track held in the Foisie Innovation Studio, featuring workshops on topics such as design thinking, market research, entrepreneurial mindset, industry analysis, improv, negotiation, and pitch development. You and a team can also participate in a design challenge to learn and apply these skills to a real-world problem.

If I&E isn’t your thing, you might take classes in ballroom dancing, knitting, photography, pottery, or glassblowing; learn karate and self-defense; spend a day identifying your strengths; or prepare for your SCRUM certification with a 2-day agility and SCRUM workshop.

If none of these topics are up your alley, let us know what else you’d like to learn or teach.

Registration is now open: visit the registration form for more details and to choose your courses (descriptions are available on the calendar listings for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and also linked to below)—we’ll see you back on campus in 2019!

Appealing to Students’ Entrepreneurial Sides

In anticipation of last year’s WinterSession, the Daily Herd sat down with Vinny Sabo of Launchpad and Debra Boucher, director of special academic programs at WPI. Check out the article to see why they believe WinterSession is “an energizing experience for the whole campus.” 


Students gather around a table to sculpt projects out of clay during last year's WinterSession.
Students participate in a sculpting class during last year's WinterSession.


Students work together on an entrepreneurship project with several handmade posters hung up behind them.
Classes in topics such as leadership and entrepreneurship were offered to students in the days leading up to C-Term.


Two students sit behind computers while a professor stands next to a projection screen and gestures toward it.
WinterSession gave students the chance to pursue passions in areas like digital design before classes began in the new year.


A student participates in a glassblowing class.
Glassblowing was one of many classes offered during last year's WinterSession, and will be offered this year, as well.