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New graduate students continuing from undergraduate studies at WPI

Welcome back. Please note that while the campus structures are the same, the process and experience in graduate studies is different from being an undergraduate student. The information below will help you make a smooth transition from undergraduate to graduate standing. Orientation is required for all new graduate students, including BS/MS students, and will assist in clarifying some of contrast between undergrad and grad processes.

To do prior to arriving on campus:

  • Log onto the WPI Health Services secure Health Portal and ensure that all of your required immunizations and documents (at least WPI Immunization Form & Tuberculosis Risk screening Form) are still active. The final deadline for submission of the required forms is August 1.
    • If you have taken time off between your undergraduate and graduate studies, you will likely need to resubmit your paperwork or contact Health Services if a new account (new student ID) was created for you. The final deadline for submission of the required forms is August 1.

Please monitor your WPI email. This is where we will notify you if you are missing required documentation.

  • Information about the student loan application that students must submit along with their FAFSA is available on our website. Here is the link to the application form.
  • If you have any disabilities and are seeking accommodations, fill out an application with the Office of Accessibility Services*.
  • Incoming Graduate Students can contact the Residential Services Office to see if there are any on-campus housing spaces available. There are a very limited amount of openings for incoming students. If interested in off campus housing please visit the following website prior to arriving in Worcester. If you have any questions regarding local Worcester area housing options, please contact the Residential Services Office.

To do during arrival/Orientation period:

  • Graduate Student Orientation will take place on August 20th.
  • Check in with your department. Make sure you have been assigned an academic advisor in your department.
  • Sign up for the WPI Student Health and Accident Insurance. If you choose an alternative plan, make sure you understand what is covered.
  • If you are a TA, attend TA training.

To do during the initial weeks of the semester:

  • Meet with your advisor.
    • Finalize your Course Schedule before the add/drop deadline.
    • Develop your Plan of Study and get it approved by your advisor.
  • Make sure you have settled your bill with the Bursar’s Office.
  • Health & Wellness Services*
    • Pay for the WPI Student Health Fee if you wish to receive healthcare on campus. When you were an undergrad this was automatically deducted from your tuition fees. As a graduate student, you are given the option to receive healthcare at Health Services or with your own elected physician. We strongly recommend that if you are an out-of-state or international student, that you pay the health fee. Pay at the Bursar’s Office and bring a copy of the record to WPI Health Services at 32 Hackfeld Road.
    • If you do not pay the Student Health Fee:
      • Take the time to research where the nearest walk in clinic is located. Plan ahead so you know where to go when you are feeling ill.
    • Obtain a copy of your health insurance card and keep it with you at all times.
      • Print your WPI Student Health Insurance card by logging on here.
  • Register with the Career Development Center (CDC).

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