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Crimson Crew encompasses all alumni volunteers who take pride in WPI through their involvement and support of the institution. Whether near or far, there is an opportunity for all of our alumni to volunteer.

Crimson Crew opportunities include the following and many more…

Reunion Class

Reunion Committees

Get involved with your Class Reunion efforts and reconnect with your classmates along the way! Reunion committee volunteers provide input regarding their reunion celebration, reach out to classmates to encourage attendance, and create buzz about Alumni Weekend.

WPI Hall of Luminaries

Hall of Luminaries

The purpose of the WPI Hall of Luminaries (HOL) is to celebrate Worcester Polytechnic Institute by honoring the talents of our community members while simultaneously promoting WPI’s tradition of theory combined with practice. 

Nominees’ professional work and contributions should demonstrate either excellence over a sustained period of time or be of a one-time nature, and should have affected humanity as a whole, a specific field as a whole, or have had a dramatic effect on a specific area. Nominees should have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and excellence in their field or have achieved a specific feat of national or international significance.

To find out more about the Hall of Luminaries or to nominate someone, please use this link

Sponsor a Student Project

By sponsoring a project, your company engages the fresh perspective of a dedicated student team - employing the most recent, state-of-the-art techniques, practices and theories - guided by top-notch faculty, to tackle pressing business challenges.  Our records show that ideas presented by WPI students translate into tangible solutions for project sponsors, and returns on investment well exceed initial costs. In addition, projects can be a unique opportunity to screen for future talent.

Alumni Admissions Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in learning more about Alumni Admissions opportunities?

Please contact Liz Desrosiers, recruitment partnerships specialist, for more information.

Alumni & Admissions Behind the Scenes

Reddit Q & A: Volunteer to be a guest during a Reddit Q & A session with accepted students. This real time event takes place during a set time, so access to a computer with Wi-Fi is necessary. Reddit is a popular online forum in which people interact on a message board, with categories of diverse interest. WPI has its own category on Reddit.

Ask a Grad: Respond to questions in a timely manner from prospective students and families. Frequency of contact may vary throughout the year.

Congratulate Newly Accepted Students: Alumni will send congratulatory emails to early-accepted students during the month of January.

Alumni Admissions in Your Community

Regional Admissions: Alumni with prior Admissions experience, or experience representing WPI, will coordinate with Admissions to cover college fairs or recruitment events within their respective geographic region. Alumni may also be asked to consider visiting local high schools and speak on behalf of WPI.

Social Media Admissions Ambassadors: Support Admissions by sharing and posting positive messages about WPI.

Refer a Student: Admissions values the input of all WPI community members as they take on the exciting challenge of selecting the incoming class. In addition to referring students to WPI, alumni are welcome to provide letters or emails of endorsements for candidates. We also encourage alumni to share with Admissions more information on a student you feel might make a great addition to our campus.  

career fair

Career Development Center Opportunities

Alumni volunteers working with the Career Development Center encourage their companies to recruit at WPI, hire WPI students for co-ops or internships, offer informational interviews to WPI students, and provide feedback to WPI students on their resumes. If you're interested in being a volunteer with the CDC let us know!

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More Volunteer Opportunities

  • Panelists
  • Guest Speakers 
  • Freshmen Welcome Event Hosts
  • Great Problems Seminar (GPS) Judges 
  • Corporate and Professional Education Liasisons 

Interested in getting more involved with your alma mater?
Contact Alumni Relations at or 508-831-5600.