The Gordon Library staff support the WPI community with their information and research needs. Consult our staff directory below for department descriptions and staff contact information. To contact the library, email or call 508-831-5410.


The administration coordinates the work of other library departments, and oversees all library activities to ensure that projects and goals meet the broader mission of the institution and meet or exceed academic library standards. We welcome your suggestions and comments on the library.

<a href="/people/staff/akgold">Anna Gold</a>

Anna K Gold

University Librarian
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6161
Anna Gold joined the WPI community as University Librarian in 2017; she brought with her a passion for and dedication to polytechnic learning and interdisciplinary research. She began her career as a research librarian at the Library of Congress. In 1994 she joined the National Science Foundation (NSF), where she served as library director before becoming manager of NSF’s public website. ... View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/dbegreen">Diane Begreen</a>

Diane Begreen

Operations Manager
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8316003
Diane provides clerical, administrative, and event support to the University Librarian and to all library staff. Diane ensures that the Gordon Library is a safe and comfortable place for students, faculty, and staff to study, meet, and socialize. View Profile

Access Services & Outreach

Access Services & Outreach oversees the following services: borrowing, course reserves, interlibrary loan, document delivery, and resource sharing with other libraries. We also are responsible for seeing that all items are returned to the shelves, oversee Tech Suite Reservations, and monitor the building for safety. Our focus is on customer service and we welcome all feedback and suggestions. Email us at

<a href="/people/staff/aslawton">Amy Lawton</a>

Amy Lawton

Head Access Services/Outreach
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5101
Amy is Head of the Access Services and Outreach Department which manages Inter-Library Loan, Course Reserves, Student Employment and Outreach programs. The Access Service and Outreach Department also oversees Anderson Lab A, the Gordon Conference Room and Tech Suite reservations as well as the overall safety of the building. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/rbenoit">Robin Benoit</a>

Robin Benoit

Information Services Librarian
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6496
Robin is part of the Access Services and Outreach team.  She supervises student information desk employees, provides research assistance, and processes interlibrary loan requests. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/lloftus">Lynn Loftus</a> alt
Lynn Loftus

Lynn Loftus

Information Services Librarian
Office: Gordon Library
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6700
Lynn is part of the Access Services and Outreach team. She supervises student information desk employees, provides research assistance, and processes interlibrary loan requests.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/sstanley">Samantha Stanley</a>

Samantha Stanley

Access Services Student Coord
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6603
Samantha is part of the Access Services and Outreach team. She supervises the information desk student staff, processes reserve materials, and is in charge of stack maintenance.  View Profile

Jill Westover

Resource Sharing Team Lead
Jill is part of the Access Services and Outreach team. She is responsible for overseeing all operations of interlibrary loan and document delivery services. She also provides assistance to patrons and supervises student assistants at the Information Desk. View Profile

Library Academic Strategies

The Academic Strategies Department is informed by an integrative vision for achieving high impacts in learning and research at WPI and in library practice, bringing together expert library staff to deliver: information, digital, and scholarly communication literacies of WPI students, faculty, and staff; quality access to information through collection assessment and development; information discovery through resource description and information systems; high quality user experiences in library virtual interfaces through good UX design; and continuous assessment and improvement of library impacts on WPI's institutional goals.

<a href="/people/staff/lostapowiczcritz">Lori Ostapowicz-Critz</a>

Lori Jean Ostapowicz-Critz

Assoc Dir, Academic Strategy
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6252
As Associate Director for Library Academic Strategies, Lori manages the Research & Instruction, Collections & Systems Management, Faculty Research Support, and Digital Academic Strategies programs. These programs ensure the Library continues to provide significant impacts on research and learning at WPI. View Profile

Zhimin Chen

<a href="/people/staff/mg">Martha Gunnarson</a>

Martha Gunnarson

Electronic Resources Librarian
Office: Gordon Library
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6038
Martha is responsible for managing access to print journals, eJournals, and eBooks. She is the library's representative to  inFIRE .  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/sthaire">Steve Haire</a>

Steve Haire

Acquisitions Associate
Office: Gordon Library
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8314855
Steve is responsible for acquiring print, electronic and other materials for the Gordon Library, based on the direction of the Collection Assessment and Development Librarian, the professors’ needs and requests from WPI staff and students. He also does the cataloging and end-processing of materials as they arrive, preparing them for circulation out of the library. View Profile

Teresa Negrucci

Collection Asses/Dev Librarian
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5331
Teresa is responsible for the selection, acquisition and assessment of the library’s print and electronic collections.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/peneumann">Paige Neumann</a>

Paige E Neumann

Research & Instr. Librarian
Office: Gordon Library
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x4958
Paige assists students, faculty, and staff in conducting research through individual, team, and classroom-based consultations. She/her/hers. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/aanewman">Anna Newman</a>

Anna Newman

Librarian for Digital Academic Strategies
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6974
As a Librarian for Digital Academic Strategies, Anna is responsible for supporting digital scholarship activities and coordinating the Gordon Library's web strategy. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/lrob">Laura Robinson</a>

Laura Amy Robinson

Librarian, Faculty Development and Research Support Lead
Office: Gordon Library
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5414
As Librarian, Faculty Development and Research Support Lead, Laura assists with discovery and management of resources, navigating copyright and author's rights issues, deciding where to publish, assessing scholarly impact, and development of scholarly online profiles. She coordinates MQP research support and is the primary contact person for Studio@Gordon.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/llsteckervetz">Lori Steckervetz</a>

Lori L. Steckervetz

Research & Instr. Librarian
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5468
As a Research & Instruction Librarian, Lori provides research assistance to students, faculty, and staff through individual and group consultations, in-class instruction, and online tutorials. She also coordinates library instruction support for the Great Problems Seminar. Preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/pjwaterman">Philip Waterman</a>

Philip Joseph Waterman

Librarian for Global Programs & Undergraduate Learning Coordinator
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8316724
As Librarian, Global Programs, Phil serves as the library liaison to Global Programs to support their project-based learning curriculum. As the Coordinator for Undergraduate Learning, Phil leads the setting of goals and priorities for the library's undergraduate instruction program and coordinates the assessment of the instruction program. As an instructor, Phil provides research assistance to students, faculty, and staff through individual and group consultations, in-class instruction, and online tutorials. View Profile

Archives and Special Collections

Archives and Special Collections actively collects, preserves, and makes available university records, historical and cultural collections, artwork, and objects of enduring value. The Archives provides services to the WPI community, scholarly researchers, and the broader public.

<a href="/people/staff/alcarlson">Arthur Carlson</a>

Arthur Larentz Carlson

Assistant Director, Archives
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x6257
As Assistant Director for Archives and Special Collections, Arthur oversees the University Archives, Rare Books & Art, and Manuscript collections.  These collections support the teaching curriculum, document history and culture, and serve as the institutional memory of WPI.  View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/kmarkees">Kathleen Markees</a> alt
Kathy Markees

Kathleen A. Markees

Special Collections Curator
Office: Gordon Library
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315000, x5675
Kathy curates the rare book and art collections, and is responsible for the library's preservation services including repairing circulating books and conserving materials from Archives & Special Collections. Kathy curates exhibitions in the Gladwin Gallery and provides fabrication and installation support for library exhibits.  In addition to providing teaching and programming for special collections, she is a resource to the community on the care and conservation of books and artwork. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/epobrien">Emily O&#039;Brien</a>

Emily Ping O'Brien

Digital Programs and Archives Assistant
Phone: 508-831-+1, (508), 8315230
As the Digital Programs and Archives Assistant, Emily works with digital-born and digitized cultural heritage and institutional history collections in the Digital WPI institutional repository. she/her/hers. View Profile
<a href="/people/staff/asmid">Amy Smid</a>

Amy Smid

Access Archivist
As Access Archivist, Amy guides researchers to content in Archives & Special Collections via online access tools, research appointments, instruction and outreach.  View Profile