Announce Your Podcast Appearance to the Community


Marketing Communications

Have you been a guest on a podcast? If you’ve shared your expertise and insights on a podcast, you can create an announcement with all the details and let the community know. (If you don’t know how to do that, ask your group administrator for help!) You'll want to draw people in, so have a clear headline with your name, title, and the name of the podcast. Your announcement may contain details like the podcast name and date of your appearance, the host’s name, the subject discussed, and of course, a link so folks can listen. 

Be sure to post the announcement and add "WPI Today" and "WPI Listen" under the "Post to Website" option in Drupal. That will ensure it gets pulled into the daily campus email and appears in a curated list of podcasts featuring WPI employees on the WPI Insider page.

Interested in the podcasts other folks are on? Here are a couple of examples: Sydney Trahan Is a Guest on College Admissions with Mark and Anna and Jean King Appears on "Conversations with Scientists" Podcast. Check WPI Insider for more.