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Announcements are used for any updates, statements, or news-related items involving your specific department, division, or office, and will display in the Announcements feed on your department or office site. Similar to the University Calendar, Announcements allows you to promote your departmental news or other information with the campus community and beyond to WPI’s many interested audiences. Announcements are also pulled into the WPI Today email.

Examples of Announcements include: (click links for templates and samples)

  • A new grant/award/competition that is open for application or registration.
  • An award that a member of your faculty received
  • Information about faculty or students presenting their work at an external conference
  • Parking advisories
  • Student news highlights
  • New department processes or procedures
  • Grant recipients
  • Changes in hours of operation
  • Faculty featured in a news article (link to news article, don’t copy and paste full article)

Guidelines & Best Practices

Not sure how to write an announcement? Wondering what sort of information you should include? Questions about what to use for a title or headline? Review content guidelines for commonly used Drupal widgets, including Announcements.


Should it be an event or an announcement post? See guidelines here on which to choose. 

If you want to add an Announcement and don't have Drupal access, or are unsure who your department or office Drupal admin is, submit a ticket to with the following information: 

  • Title/Headline
  • Date 
  • Name of the department making the Announcement
  • Announcement copy/text 
  • Any photos or links that should go with the Announcement
  • <optional> Other webpages on where the Announcement should be posted (in addition to your department/office/site)