Adding an Announcement

Announcements are a simple way to share updates or news-related items about your work or your department, division, office, or group. They are displayed on the university’s WPI Today webpage, in the WPI Today daily email to all employees, and on your department or office webpages, allowing you to promote information with the campus community and beyond. 

*** Please note, announcements should NOT be created for any WPI- sponsored event. Please see below for further information on adding events to the WPI calendar. ***

Announcements can be used to highlight:

  • A call for submissions or applications for an award or competition
  • An award or grant received by faculty, staff, or students
  • A book or journal paper publication
  • An external speaking engagement or conference presentation by faculty, students, or staff
  • Student news
  • Department news
  • Campus operation advisories, such as parking updates, construction notices, or changes in building/office hours
  • New department processes or procedures


Writing an Announcement

Check the Announcements page for examples that may help you write your announcement. Be sure to include:

For research grants:
  • Name, title, and affiliation of the Principal Investigator(s) and any co-investigator (including students)
  • Name and website of the funding agency
  • Details of the grant: funding amount, length of time, goal
  • A brief summary of the work to be done
  • A quote from the PI about the importance of the work
For awards and recognition, or election to professional society/organization:
  • Name, title, and affiliation of the recipient(s)
  • Name of the award and its frequency (i.e., annual)
  • Name of the awarding organization and a link to their webpage featuring the award
  • Details about the award—why it was bestowed on the recipient(s)
  • Brief background of the recipient(s) accomplishments
  • Brief background about the awarding organization or society: i.e., how many recipients each year, how many members of the society
  • A quote from the recipient about the honor
  • Any funding related to the award, either prize money or grant funding that supported the work being honored
  • Time, date, and place of award ceremony, if there is one
For publications:
  • Name, title, and affiliation of the author and any co-authors (including any students who supported the work)
  • Book/journal title and publisher
  • Brief summary of the topic
  • A link to the publication
  • Name of funding agency if the work was supported by a grant or award
  • A quote from the author(s) about why this work is meaningful and important
For campus operations and processes:
  • Area impacted (i.e., parking, walkways, specific buildings)
  • Reason for impact (i.e., construction, alarm testing)
  • Date, time, and duration of impact
  • Contact name and email or phone number for questions

Posting and Tagging in Drupal

Watch the video below to learn how to post your announcement in Drupal.

In Drupal, be sure to click on the appropriate audiences, websites, and topics related to your announcement. (Websites and topics will autofill as you type.) Doing so—called tagging—will ensure your announcement appears in the correct places. Always include “WPI Today” among the websites you select to make sure your announcement will appear on the WPI Today news page and in the WPI Today email.

Contact with questions about what to include in your announcement or if you’d like us to review it.

How to Create an Announcement in Drupal 9

How to add the announcement block to your page

If you want to add an Announcement and don't have Drupal access, or are unsure who your department or office Drupal admin is, submit a ticket to with the following information: 

  • Title/Headline
  • Date 
  • Name of the department making the Announcement
  • Announcement copy/text 
  • Any photos or links that should go with the Announcement
  • <optional> Other webpages on where the Announcement should be posted (in addition to your department/office/site)


WPI-sponsored events and activities, along with important deadlines, should be published in the University Calendar. Learn more about how to add an event.

For guidance on writing announcements and event posts, best practices and naming conventions are available here.