New Look for Career Outlook Pages


Marketing Communications

Marketing Technology has worked very closely over the past year with the Career Development Center to breathe new life into their Career Outlook Pages.  Because these pages hold a lot of valuable career information for each of our undergraduate degrees, we wanted not only to give them an updated look & feel but also to capture the data into the Drupal database.  Having the data in the database simplifies maintenance and gives us the ability to repurpose the data elsewhere on the site.

Old Look

The screenshot below shows the former Career Outlook page for Physics majors.  It had a simple layout, with the content scrolling straight down the page, but we were unable to share this content across the website without duplicating it and risking that the pages would eventually become out-of-sync.


New Look

The screenshot below shows the new Career Outlook page for Physics majors. The two-column layout is more compact, has a cleaner look & feel, and is easier to read. It has a lot of the same information as the old page, but also includes information on:

  • Department Research Opportunities
  • Program Tracking Sheets for academic planning
  • Career Outcome and Salary Data from our graduates

And best of all, we can now develop new widgets with this content that can be used elsewhere on the site and be confident that the information is consistent across the website.