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Thank you to our AweSTEM! 2017 presenters and to all who attended. The 2017 theme was "Innovative STEM Teaching Aligned with the STE Framework and/or Common Core." Below is the contact information and electronic handouts for all presenters. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Katie Elmes. 

  1. Three Little Pigs
    Elmwood Street School Kindergarten Team
    Lizz Trahan, 
    Millbury Public Schools
    Three Little Pigs Resources 1
    Three Little Pigs Resources 2
  2. Building a Dam to Save Our Land
    Elmwood Street School Second Grade Team
    Lizz Trahan,
    Dam Resources 1
    Dam Resources 2
  3. Castle Catastrophe
    Elmwood Street School Third Grade Team
    Lizz Trahan,
    Catapult Castle Worksheets
    Catapult Engineering Design
  4. STE Standards in the Garden
    Andrew Hacket,
    Wachusett Regional School District
    Garden Activities Schedule
    Grade 2 Square Foot Gardening Task
    K1 Sustainability Tasks
    Quarter 1 Seed Dispersal Task
    Seed Dispersal Assessment
    Seed Dispersal Model
    STE Standards and Sustainability 
  5. Let Them Eat Kale
    Louise Levy and Darryl Clark,
    Belchertown Public Schools
    Sentinel Article
    AweSTEM! Kale Proposal
    It Takes a Village to Raise a Meal UbD Lesson
    Kale Farmers Journal
    Kale Lesson Feedback
    Lake Wallace in the Community
    Let Them Eat Kale Feedback
    Let Them Eat Kale Full UbD
    Let Them Eat Kale Script
    Local Lunch
    Planning a Better Garden Script
    Planning a Better Garden Rubric
    Planning a Better Garden in New England
    SRE Garden Working Map
  6. STEM Education Center Professional Development
    Mia Dubosarsky,
  7. Growing Through STEM: Planting a STEM Program in a Rebuilding District
    Jed Lindholm,​
    Southbridge Public Schools
    EDP Lesson Plan
    Water Filtration Lesson Plan
    EDP Assessment
    EDP Assessment Answers
    EDP Creating an Innovative School Poster
    Water Filtration Background
    Water Filtration Data Collection
    Water Treatment
  8. Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs
    Sue Sontgerath,
  9. Master's Degrees for Educators - Math and Physics
    Math Website:
    Physics Website:
    Katie Elmes,
  10. Project Lead The Way
    Mary Laturnau (program implementation, curriculum content, PLTW agreement and policies, budgeting, equipment/supply requirements, student scheduling),
    Terry Adams (core training at WPI, college credit from WPI, MA specific issues), 
    PLTW Solution Center, or 877-335-7589
    PLTW Overview
    CS Activity
  11. Mass Academy
    Mike Barney, 
  12. Using LEGO WeDo 2 Robotics for MA STE/NGSS
    John Heffernan,
    Williamsburg/Hampshire Regional School District
    LEGO WeDo 2 Curriculum Standards
    LEGO WeDo 2 Sample Lessons
  13. Incorporating 3D Printing in Middle School Inquiry-based Design Projects
    Thomas Oliva,
    Worcester Public Schools
    TE Activity Template
    Sample Items
  14. WPI Undergraduate Projects for the K-12 Community
    Contact for more information.
  15. ASSISTments
    Neil Heffernan, Cristina Heffernan, and Andrew Burnett,
  16. Graspable Math
    Erin Ottmar, 
  17. Opportunities to Partner with WPI Faculty
    Ivon Arroyo,