VEX Robotics Competitions are another way for WPI students to further delve into the field of robotics.

Presented by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation and established in 2007, VEX Robotics Competitions were established in 2007, and are a haven for robotics enthusiasts of all ages. VEX gives students the chance to come together as a team, build a robot, and compete against their peers.

This game-based engineering challenge is open to students ranging from elementary to high school, taking concepts learned in the classroom and bringing them to life through competitions focused on teamwork, leadership, communication, and more. Most important, though, is the enthusiasm and camaraderie among participants that’s become a VEX mainstay.

Everyone—regardless of skill level or experience—is welcome to join a VEX team and explore the world of robotics.

Tournaments are held year-round at the regional, state, and national levels before culminating at the VEX Robotics World Championship each April.

May the best bot win!

2023 VRC Signature Event

This year’s event, The WAVE, will be held from November 30th - December 2nd 2023.

Sign ups will open for early bird registration in mid August, shortly followed by the regular registration window.


WPI is looking forward to hosting more VEX U events in the 2023-2024 season! Stay tuned for more information.


Robotics at WPI

Looking to get involved with VEX as a WPI student? We’ve got a VEX U team of our own that competes—and often qualifies—for world championships, as well as a Robotics Club that showcases their handiwork at competitions like VEX U, Sailbot, combat robotics, and more.


VEX Scholarships

Scholarships to attend WPI are available to students involved in VEX. Each year, WPI awards three scholarships of varying amounts to first-year students. Visit the VEX scholarships webpage for more information on available awards, deadlines, and other application requirements.


Summer Robotics Opportunities

Can’t get enough robotics? Neither can we—that’s why we’ve got a wide variety of pre-collegiate summer opportunities for a range of ages. There’s Frontiers, Launch, Ignite, Spark, and the Girls Robotics Team—all with programs and tracks to help you dig deeper into the world of robotics.