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Markus Nemitz is a professor of robotics engineering, whose work focuses on creation, modeling, and control of robotic soft matter. With interest and experience in soft robotics, Professor Nemitz is working to develop 3D-printed robots from flexible materials that can be used in challenging search-and-rescue environments, such as caves. The goal is to create robots that can crawl, climb, dive, and swim. These robots could go places humans can’t reach, and would present cost, flexibility, and operational advantages over hard robots. His interest is in robotizing otherwise passive elastomeric materials, to develop programmable robotic soft matter that is able to change its shape. Professor Nemitz uses insights from biological organisms to develop design strategies. Professor Nemitz is also working on more effective methods of disposing of dangerous landmines and ordinance utilizing a combination of conventional and soft robots, and drones.

3D Printing & Design Magazine
Navigating the New Normal: 3D-Printable Robots

3D Printing & Design, a Spanish-language magazine in Spain, has published an article written by robotics engineering professor Markus Nemitz on the work he leads to develop 3D printable soft robots for search and rescue. 

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