A small circuitboard lights up with tiny bulbs around WPI.

The Month in Photos: July 2019

August 05, 2019

As the sun sets on July, let’s take a few minutes to look back on some of what’s gone on at WPI during the month through the work of our talented staff photographers and videographers.

To celebrate #Apollo50 (and the handiwork of one of WPI’s own alums, a Mr. Robert Goddard—maybe you’ve heard of him?), President Leshin stopped by the memorial site where Goddard’s first liquid-fueled rocket was launched.

The liquid biopsy chip developed at WPI by a research team led by mechanical engineering professor Balaji Panchapakesan is now able to detect tumor cells in 100% of blood samples from Stage 1-4 breast cancer patients.

Strike a pose … for science! Hundreds of students visited campus not only to showcase their best moves, but also to attend camps on subjects ranging from physics to soccer.

Surprising exactly no one, WPI Journal is the #1 rated magazine among robots and robot enthusiasts alike.

Electrical and computer engineering professor Ted Clancy is collaborating with Todd Farrell, director of research at Liberating Technologies, Inc. and Debra Latour, assistant professor of occupational therapy at Western New England University, to develop wireless sensors for new prosthetic devices.

Students who participated in the Early Research Experience in E-Term had the chance to present their work to the community.

WPI was the final frontier for eleventh- and twelfth-graders from nearly 30 states and over 10 countries who participated in the annual (and aptly named) Frontiers pre-college summer program.

This is SpacePup Hudson, checking in to make sure you’ve been having a quality summer!

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