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A Summer in Photos at WPI

September 01, 2017

We know students, faculty, and staff are busy during the summer. Many leave in May for far-flung corners to conduct research, take courses, do internships, and explore summer jobs. Hopefully there's a little fun and rest in there somewhere. But if you did venture far from campus this summer, you might be surprised to learn just how busy WPI is after the residence halls close in May.

We will catch you up here—take a peek at the many summer activities at WPI. From international scholars and educators attending conferences to elementary schoolchildren learning about STEM in our summer camps, the campus was hopping with activity. And thanks to the magic of our facilities crew, the campus shined—showing off manicured lawns, flowers blooming in every corner, and buildings that never saw a slow day. As busy as the summer was, we missed you. Welcome back!

We walked on the wild side as TouchTomorrow attracted nearly 10,000 people—its biggest crowd ever.

We grooved to the music and devoured sundaes at the weekly Summer Breeze lunchtime concert series.

We welcomed hundreds of budding scientists into WPI’s K-12 summer programs.

We watched progress being made as the Foisie Innovation Studio started to look like a real building.

We cheered on athletes as they kicked, tackled, swam, and ran through the day.

We relaxed near the perfectly manicured flowers, lawns, and gardens.

And we might even have jumped into the fountain a time or two…

We spent the dog days of summer in cool labs, conducting groundbreaking research to create a positive impact in the world.

We congratulated the girls from Camp Reach on their work redesigning the storage areas of the local nonprofit Friendly House.

We welcomed participants from around the world to conferences ranging from project-based learning to autonomous vehicles.

We watched the residence halls come to life as our RAs prepared for the arrival of new students.

From the comfort of our own quad, we watched a stunning eclipse.