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WPI Announces a New Program Aimed at the Top In-Demand Business Skills: Analytics and Strategic Insights

This STEM-designated MBA opens new learning pathways and career opportunities for domestic and international students.
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December 18, 2023

In response to the growing demand for business professionals who can make data-driven decisions, The Business School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is introducing a new STEM-designated MBA in Analytics. The program is tailored to equip students with the essential analytics knowledge, tools, and techniques that are needed in today’s workforce. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports data-related occupations are projected to have the fastest employment growth over the next decade

The program, which is enrolling students now to start in Fall 2024, offers a full-time, on-campus MBA that meets the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s criteria to be STEM-designated. The program focuses on analytical and strategic skills that are needed to make decisions across various business functions, such as marketing, operations, and management. Students can choose from concentrations in applied business analytics, data-driven strategic management, marketing analytics, and/or operations analytics. The skills gained in the program will prepare students for early- to mid-career leadership roles. Research shows MBA graduates often experience significant career promotions and salary increases after completing their degree, with more than two thirds of WPI MBA graduates from the class of 2023 reporting they have received a promotion.

"The volume of digital data available for business decision-making has grown significantly over the past decade, and businesses are increasingly relying on data to make better decisions," said Debora Jackson, dean of the WPI Business School. "This has led to a surge in the demand for professionals proficient in analytics, making our program a valuable addition to our offerings. With our industry-savvy faculty and focus on STEM, we are positioned to prepare graduates to lead in strategic data-informed decision-making."

With our industry-savvy faculty and focus on STEM, we are positioned to prepare graduates to lead in strategic data-informed decision-making.
  • Debora Jackson
  • Dean of the WPI Business School

The launch of the MBA in Analytics also aligns with a global trend of employers seeking professionals who can develop and implement new technologies and strategies. International students can take advantage of the extended Optional Practical Training (OPT) benefits with this STEM-designated degree, which provides a unique opportunity for students to work in the United States upon graduation, benefiting both students and employers.

“In an interconnected world, international and domestic students pursuing this program will contribute to a diverse and vibrant learning environment, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and understanding,” said Purvi Shah, associate professor of marketing. “These students will not only elevate their skills but also become catalysts for international dialogue, bridge gaps between data insights, business strategy, and technology, and shape the future of responsible data-driven decision making on a global scale."

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