What academic supports are there for my student?

  • Each student is assigned specific advisors to help them on campus. These individuals are a great place for students to start when it comes to identifying the best resources for them.
  • The Office of Academic Advising offers everything from daily Math and Science Help (MASH) sessions and tutoring through the Academic Resources Center to guidance from a professional advisor.
  • The Math Tutoring Center (Gordon Library 302) holds regular drop-in tutoring sessions and is staffed by TAs (teaching assistants and PhD students), PLAs (undergraduate students), and GLAs (graduate students) who are friendly, passionate about math, and ready to help with homework and general studying.
  • The Physics Lounge (Olin Hall) is filled with comfy couches and chairs, and is where physics TAs (teaching assistants) hold office hours to help students.
  • The Writing Center (Salisbury 233) is where trained writing tutors provide individual and team tutoring on course papers, presentations, dissertations, job-related documents—any type of communication project.

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