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  • What is a student account?

    Each student that attends WPI will have a financial account with the Bursar's Office. This student account will include charges/payments for tuition and fees, room and board, and other charges, as applicable. All of the charges will be billed using our eBill process.

  • What is e-Billing?

    eBilling is a convenient and reliable alternative to paper bills. You will be sent an email notification to your WPI email account when an eBill is available for viewing. You also have the ability to give access to authorized users to view your eBills and/or make ePayments. Each person with access to the eBill can receive an email notification when a new eBill is generated if you provide their email address.

    There are several reasons why eBill is the official billing method at WPI. The primary reason is to provide faster and easier service to our students and their parents or guardians. The vast majority of students and parents are familiar and comfortable with the web culture. It has become commonplace to perform many daily transactions and communications via email and the Internet. In addition to providing more efficient service, electronic billing also results in time and monetary savings to both the student and the institution. As a highly respected technical institution, WPI strives to provide services electronically.

  • Can I receive a paper bill instead of the e-Bill?

    All enrolled students will receive an eBill. If you would like a paper copy of your bill, you can log into the eBill system to print a copy of your eBill.

  • How do I set up an authorized user? How can my parents view my e-Bill?

    A person other than the student may have the ability to view the eBill as an authorized user. Students must first sign into the Banner Information System (Self Service) and setup their authorized user in the eBill system. A login name and password, assigned by the student, is used to securely view the eBill. The authorized user may also have an email address added to their profile so that an email notification will be sent when a new eBill is generated. Students have the ability to cancel authorized user access at any time by signing into the Banner Information System (Self Service) and deactivating the authorized user’s login ID. More than one authorized user may be set up for a student. Please note that there this is a separate login from the Banner Self-Service Proxy access and you will not be able to link to the eBill site from the Banner site.


    View this how-to video for step by step instructions on how to setup an authorized user.

    Or view our power point presentation instead(.ppt)

  • What if I do not view an e-Bill?

    If the recipient of the eBill does not view the eBill within 5 days, a reminder eBill will be sent. It is the responsibility of the student to view the eBill and arrange for payment by the due date. Email notifications will be sent to the students WPI email address and authorized users when an eBill is available for viewing.

  • How do I log into the Web Information System (Self-Service)?

    Students may login to Banner Self Service where their WPI ID and password will be used for authentication. You do not have the option of adding an authorized user to the Banner site.

  • What is the difference between my e-Bill and my Current Account Statement?

    The eBill is a web-based presentation of your student account. It represents a snapshot in time of your student account. It will show the same information that would have been on a paper bill. If any new transactions occur, these transactions will show on a new eBill. The Account Detail By Term provides access to your most up-to-date account activity.

  • How can I find out my account balance without having to call the Accounting Office?

    You can view your Account Detail By Term in Banner Self Service or view your Total Balance Due on the eBill site.

  • What happens if I do not pay on time?

    Students that do not pay the eBill by the due date will be charged a late payment fee. Late fees of up to $250.00 may be applied in a term.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    WPI accepts eCheck or credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) by logging into the secure student Banner Self Service. There is no fee to make payment using eCheck. Credit card payments are assessed a 2.75% service charge based on the transaction amount. Other forms of payment include paper check, wire transfer and Tuition Management System (TMS) Payment Plan. See our Payment Information page for more detail on all payment options.

  • What is eCheck?

    WPI allows students and authorized users to make secure online payment with an eCheck by accessing Banner Self Service or the eBill system (for authorized users). There is no service charge for making a payment with eCheck. Payments made by eCheck will create an ACH transactions to your checking or savings account.

  • Can I receive a paper bill instead of the e-Bill?

    Credit card payments can be made online through Banner Self Service (for students) or through the eBill system (for authorized Users). A processing fee of 2.75% is added to the total payment. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted. We do not accept credit cards in the Bursar's Office or over the phone.

  • If my bill shows a zero ($0.00) amount due, do I need to do anything?

    If your amount due is ($0.00), you have either a zero or a credit balance. You do not need to make payment.

  • What is a Financial Hold?

    A financial hold will be placed on your university transcript and registration privileges if you have an unpaid balance on your student account.

  • Does WPI offer any type of payment plan?

    Yes, Tuition Management Service (TMS) offers a Monthly Payment Plan that allows the student or parent to make monthly payments. Visit our TMS site for more details.

  • I didn’t know I had a balance and I did not receive an e-mail, why am I still assessed a late payment fee?

    It is the student’s responsibility to go to their Banner-Web (student accounts, e-bill/e-payment sight) we recommend at least once a week, every day during the add/drop period. If you do, you will notice any changes made to your account. This way you will be able to address and resolve any concerns in a timely manner.