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First Year Program

The goal of the First Year Program is to foster a successful first year experience for students supported by programs and resources that keep them engaged, motivated, and happy—beginning with opportunities to get connected in the months leading up to their arrival on campus, to New Student Orientation, to immersion into WPI’s distinctive first year program focused on a successful transition to college (in and out of the classroom), to initiation into university-level research and the project-based curriculum.

Through specialized programming for first-year students, we are able to boast one of the highest student retention rates in the nation. Additionally, through project-based courses offered exclusively in the first year, students are provided the opportunity to be introduced to WPI’s signature project-based curriculum from day one.

Facts & Figures


of freshmen return for their sophomore year
(Fall 2021)

First Year Programs

From special mentor programs to help students transition to college, to academic support services tailored for the first year curriculum, to exclusive introductory project- based courses, the first year programs help new students succeed and have the best first year experience possible.

Your first year is a great opportunity to try new things—join an organization that intrigues you, take a class that sounds fascinating. Try a Great Problems Seminar—a terrific introduction to the WPI project experience. Take charge of your First Year.
Paul Reilly
Assistant Dean, Student Success


August 18, 2022
Residential Services Office
April 21, 2022
Marketing Communications
April 27, 2021
Marketing Communications
December 13, 2019
Great Problems Seminar, Undergraduate Studies